Music of the Week #168


On schedule


So Twintails got posted early because the new episode drops tomorrow and I don’t want to add more stuff to that jumbled mess. Bahamut is getting real interesting and will be done after Chaika gets its series review soon. Other than those 3, SAO and Yona are being held back a bit and I have no interest in what SAO is doing while Yona is apparently decent. I’ll see to it if I can get Yona in there but I’m not making any big promises.

Winter season looks pretty bland and the only thing going for it is Jojo and a lot of fanservice series from my memory. Either way, Jojo will once again carry through the season in the more entertaining 2nd half of Part 3.

One of my favorite parts of Earthbound was the section immediately after Threed and the bus ride where our trio get caught in an immense traffic jam en route to the city of Fourside. The crew abandon the bus and decide to travel through the dune on foot. While the location isn’t really that big, just the fact that a traffic jam impedes the adventure adds something really modern to the entire package that really made me feel like I was on a real adventure. Either way, here’s this week’s theme.

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