Music of the Week #169


It’s Christmas in some parts of the world so Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from yours truly.

Christmas GA

Bahamut is already up and will get its series review next week. Twintails is up next while Chaika is an interesting case. For the uninformed, Chaika LN’s nears its conclusion and I wish to know more about how it actually ended before I tackle it. I will need a few more days to get it up anyway but I just want to know how closely it tried to be to its source. Other than that, bring on the Winter Season

And just in time, this week’s song is one of my absolute favorites from Earthbound, Fourside. Maybe it’s just that I haven’t played any good RPG’s in a while but I always loved the feeling of a big city that Fourside really gave off. It’s got malls, parks, museums, bakeries, cafes, and the government buildings all in one. Here’s to a New Year in a few days folks

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