Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle Episode 9- Holy Hell

For the sake of keeping consistency in my series reviews, I’m going to make this quick and review the entire second season once it ends next Wednesday. I’m sad to see Chaika go but I really want to know how this chaos is going to end.

I practically knew this sort of thing would happen but damn, rebirth has never looked so disgusting.

We get a glimpse of how the three separate crews are doing after the whole mini-death match from the previous episode. Red returns with David to their room inside the castle where they find the injured Selma saying that soldiers entered the room and stole the corpse part. Gilette’s crew reunite with their thought-to-be-lost leader and sneak out of the castle. Toru is allowed to leave the castle with Akari and Frederika while they must return with all their corpse parts to have Chaika returned to them. Frederika notes that the poison inside her is quite potent and is unable to participate in further action for now.

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Gilette is able to contact his superiors and gives the rundown on what Hartgen’s plans are and the organization quickly mobilize a force and sends it toward Hartgen’s kingdom. Toru and Akari then reenter the castle to uphold the deal. Chaika herself is brought before Hartgen who sees her uncanny resemblance to the girl he killed back in the war. Gilette and Vivi reenter the castle with Gilette still posing as the hypnotized officer while and Vivi sneaking in. Toru and Akari are brought to Hartgen’s throne room and present their corpse parts. Chaika tries to tell Toru to not give them up but with all three of their lives at stake, he has no choice. Gilette also shows up to stop Toru from acting out of place, saying that their time to fight back will come eventually.

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Hartgen rejoices in the advent of the new age, but the true black Chaika decides to do things her way and physically absorbs the remaining parts. Then out of nowhere multiple Guys (the named one, not just regular guys) start converging to the magic circle around the Black Chaika. Black Chaika literally explodes and gets her top half and bottom half separated and out of the tattered dress comes out someone who looks like Guy, but announces himself as Arthur Gaz. Not just a reincarnation, but a new body for him to utilize to conquer the world again. Hartgen tries to side himself with the reincarnated Emperor but Hartgen is instantly killed with a simple spell from Gaz’s fingertips. Gaz commends the Black Chaika for completing her objective and our White Chaika tries to confirm if she’s the real daughter. Gaz reveals to us that Chaika’s are indeed tools for his resurrection but only that: He states that he has no daughter and that Chaika was just a codename for the spell to revive him. Gaz too sees our Chaika was very similar to the little girl whom he had under his care but no longer remembers her name. He also seems to know our Chaika’s specifics, calling her Number 357, type Wizard. He states that she can no longer retrieve the memories of her previous self either.

Hitsugi no Chaika AB- He hath returned

Gilette asks why Gaz did not simply revive himself back in his castle and Gaz replies saying that needed to harvest and know the feeling of fear. The fear of death he felt when the heroes slew him but it all contributed to his goal to take all the powerful emotions to create more magic. Now his goal is to “fulfill” the wishes of those who wish for war and then declares war as he invokes Niva Lada to transform into a gundo. He zooms in who knows how many miles to disintegrate the floating castle approaching the castle and after that, shoots magic into the heavens to bring down a freaking castle waiting in orbit.

Just Jesus Christ, I hear this is an absolute train wreck which I will explain in detail in the series review but geez. How are they going to solve this mess?

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