Music of the Week #167


1 more day

Earthbound 2

I only have 1 exam left so I’ll be free to catch up on my relatively big load of stuff I need to give y’all provided that people actually read stuff that I write. Bahamut is all typed up and it just needs pictures but I doubt it will be off tomorrow since I’d rather be studying. Twintails will most likely get released during the weekend while Chaika will receive its series review shortly. Other than that, bring on the Winter season where Part 3 of Jojo will finally end and we can move on to bigger and better things if David gives me more reasons to live if they do announce Part 4.

The end is nearly here so I’ll be back to speed shortly, but until then, I leave you with more Earthbound.

This week’s theme is the Bus theme from Earthbound, one of the primary methods of traveling far distances in the game before you gain access to teleporting.


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