Music of the Week #166


Delayed yet again.


So Twintails is once again delayed due to busy time schedules and I doubt I will be able to get Bahamut and Chaika out this week either. Chaika’s an annoying case for me since I do the series review after I see the last episode and the last episode for Chaika is the next episode. In any case, that just might be the only one I get to this week while I await for my classes to finish by next Thursday, then I can just deliver all the stuff that needs to be delivered.

So in short, Bahamut will be bundled for next week, Chaika will most likely get the only post this week while its reviewed next week, while Twintails is yet again delayed. So with that in mind, I’m off to do my work.

This week’s music is the theme of the third city of Earthbound, Threed. While when Ness and co. first arrive, it’s haunted by ghosts and zombies. Once the trouble is dealt with, the regular Threed’s theme is played

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