Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode 11- Full Team

Even more foolish things are afoot with Jio Edgemaster Inzagi out of the picture. Something about more experimentation with cursed seal spirits and the green hair elf-lady being involved with Velsaria.

It surely wasn’t as entertaining but oh well.

More patrol work is being done around town while Kamito and Ellis take a few detours to shop around. Kamito is obviously worried for his mentally unhealthy roommate and Ellis cheers him up saying that she probably doesn’t hate him and is having her usual fits. Other than a little talk about Velsaria changing drastically after her loss against Ren Ashbell, Kamito finds comfort in the fact that Ellis still admires Ren Ashbell.

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Claire runs into green haired elf and we more or less find that she’s going to be the main villain for the finale and she brings to other two students who faced off against her before. The two are obviously brain washed and their corrupted spirits are drawn out and Claire actually makes a smart move and decides to not fight them alone.

As Ellis and Kamito finish their rounds and picking out a gift for Claire, they run into her and the two spirits chasing her and the three team up to try and subdue them. That doesn’t go too well and Velsaria steps in and annihilates the two spirits while blowing up a sizable chunk of the town square. Ellis calls out her sister’s actions but the latter does the same only with more venom to it. The danger is averted.

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Back at the room, Kamito finds himself patched up and finds his roommates flocking to him. The team’s integrity is then held together and Claire finally gets the picture and decides that she was in the wrong. Fianna joins in on the fun but then Rinslet shows up too. The latter is inducted onto the team and a few moments later, Claire busts into Ellis’ room to shake her out of her mental weakness. Ellis’ two friends walk in and apologize to her as their injuries won’t allow them to participate and without any other valid choice left, Ellis joins the squad.

That night Ellis and Kamito have a short talk while green hair elf talks to Velsaria about the cursed seal on her heart.

What madness shall ensue for the finale? It’s the light novels fault for this but Restia did freaking nothing over the series.

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