Sword Art Online II Episode 13- Delicious

Oh boy this was actually entertaining to watch. And it wasn’t because it was actually good.

So it’s official, the opening fight was probably the best piece of action we got. I’m going to save my complaints til the end since I have a bad habit of just telling you what I feel at start of this stuff. That’s right, actual reviews! Who would of thought?

Let’s do this

Kirito continues his duel with Death Gun while he constantly tries to find an opening in his opponents rushdown. Death Gun continues his taunting on how Kirito will not be able to win since he refuses to learn of Death Gun’s name but somehow Kirito just decides to remember it as Red Eyed Zaza from SAO. We’ve only seen this “Zaza” once before I think in the CSI episode. Either way, Kirito breaks free from the attacks and begins his offensive.

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Sinon without a scope can only watch the fight but decides to help with a fake bullet line aimed at Death Gun. As the latter is attempting to re-position himself with his cloak, Kirito takes the chance to shoot through the cloak with his own pistol and then drive the lightsaber at Death Gun. DG is defeated but that only solves the immediate question at hand. Sinon gives Kirito her information and Kirito finds that her place is near his hospital and asks if she wants him to stop by. She refuses saying that she has someone she trusts back in the real world. Now that they’re the only two players, Sinon decides to hand Kirito a grenade and while he fumbles around with it, she gives him a hug and both of them blow up. The tournament ends with the two victors.

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Sinon wakes up and investigates her house and is startled by the doorbell. It turns out to be the friendzoned Shinkawa who bought a cake in celebration of her victory. Sinon is relieved but then it becomes absolute fear as Shinkawa is not satisfied with Sinon’s answer to his feelings. Shinkawa turns out to be the brother of Zaza while his character is the real Death Gun. Apparently he had nothing left but GGO in his life and his wish to kill the pro players came from his build being called outdated. Sinon barely manages to get away from Shinkawa’s hold on her and she makes a break for the door and struggles a bit longer as Shinkawa grabs her leg. Kirito however busts into the house and knees Shinkawa in the face.

SAO II- Hambre senor

So first of all, that fight was pathetic. Call me a nitpicker but why even put something that resembles a fight in the opening if it never actually happened? For a duel between two “skilled” swordsmen, it was full of still shots and Kirito just happened to remember good ol’ Death Gun’s name at the exact moment he needed to. We didn’t get clues or any sort of information regarding any of the LC members. Kirito just remembers a guy named Zaza and bam. Speaking of which that line Kirito said about the “phantom bullet”, of all times to give the title drop he just have to had said it there.  Plus that hand holding scene. Holy hell did I feel the back of my head as I facepalmed

So there were my general complaints but oh well. I don’t have anything to complain about the Shinkawa scene though, THAT was gold. Those scenes were generally disturbing and fulfilled their purpose in creeping the hell out of you.

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