Music of the Week #156


Earthbound 4


Like I mentioned, I get busier as the week ends but thankfully enough this week is somewhat free of the problems that plagued me the last few weeks. That being said, it was fortunate of me to experience the transitioning weeks now. From a little more exposure to the previews the Fall schedule for me looks like

  • Chaika
  • Fate
  • Amagi Brilliant Park
  • Grisaia
  • Twintails

I honestly found Grisaia to be a bit more overrated than the amount of hype its getting and even with that, VN adaptations tend to be complete nightmares. Brilliant Park and Twintails are just there for my seasonal dose of stupid shit.

Space Dandy has already ended since they aired the final episode a bit sooner in Japan. That gets a series review very soon. On the other side, Blade Dance is just Blade Dance while I have no idea how many episodes SAO is going to drag out for. I still pray for an entertaining final fight.

Anyways, Music time. Take the theme that was redone in Super Smash Melee as this the “Mother 2” song that played in the Onett Stage. Home Sweet Home indeed.