Space Dandy 2 Episode 12- No Ace Attorney jokes here

A set up episode to transition to the final episode.

I’m honestly not surprised that they did this, something like Dandy to end probably needs a bit of set up like how Bebop and Champloo needed 2 episodes for its finale. Of course, Dandy is nowhere near as “story based” as the two (while all three are episodic anyway) but let’s just say I saw it coming.

That being said, it isn’t the regular two parter either, this episode solely gives more insight on why Dandy is so pursued after and things pick up at the final moments of the episode.

So for the final episode, let’s get through with this.

Dandy is tried in court of the murder of a man named Guy Reginald. The alleged murder was witnessed by Reginald’s wife who heard a scream in her house and saw her husband dead on the floor with a mark on his head while Dandy was next to the body. Somehow Dandy could afford a lawyer to defend him while a rather assertive lawyer is against them.

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The lawyer for Dandy defends the murder claim saying that it was an accident as Dandy’s true purpose was to register Reginald who happens to be a rare alien. Scarlet is first to be questioned and we more or less get a conclusion that Dandy’s track record for registering aliens is nothing to brag about. The opposing lawyer labels Dandy as “desperate for money”. Meow is up next and his questioning ends in bad terms as Dandy still treats him like a pet. QT also gets the short end of the stick when Dandy’s intentions of getting a robot to assist him and ending up with QT was a mistake on the former’s part.

Space Dandy 2- Witness

The deceased’s wife, Rose is the next to be questioned. She confirms the situation and then the baseball is brought into question. This leads to two young boys being questioned when one of their names is found inscribed on the ball. The boys’ planet and the planet where Reginald was killed are however very far apart and it would not make sense to put that much effort in stealing a ball to kill someone. DNA testings proceed to see if Dandy did use the ball and a substance called pyonium is identified on both Dandy and the ball. Pyonium turns out to be a very rare particle that apparently has the ability to bend time and space. Why such a particle was identified is not clear but before anything else takes place, Dandy’s lawyer brings out new evidence of a life insurance document on Reginald where the pay is 50 times the registration money.

Space Dandy 2- Rose

Rose is called up back again and more information is revealed. Reginald was jobless and Rose worked at Boobies to provide for both of them. Her account history on space also bring up suspicion to her intentions. Video footage at Boobies also show Dandy getting too close to Rose and she is taken away for now. The only question remains on why the ball was so far away from its actual origin. The doctor gives one last info saying that the pyonium reacts to strong emotions, namely killing intent. The decision is left to the jury and one of the jury member’s social media habits leads him to the final clue.

Space Dandy 2- Baseball

It turns out that one of the two boys intent was to kill the other by shattering a baseball and his immense hatred led to the ball to Reginald. All the evidence beforehand was actually just regular occurrences and even Reginald regains consciousness as his rarity in the universe made the doctors have a tough time deciding if he was actually dead. Dandy’s silence is also explained as he wakes up from his nap. Dandy is free to go but find a large amount of soldiers awaiting him outside.

While not the most entertaining or visually vibrant of episodes, I still was somewhat fascinated in what Dandy actually did. That being said, the finale is here so expect a series review for the next and hopefully not the last time we see Dandy on here.

One thought on “Space Dandy 2 Episode 12- No Ace Attorney jokes here”

  1. This episode made me chuckle at various moments for some reason. The reason behind the crime, Dandy napping throughout the whole thing, the baseball player/wrestler’s wife was hilarious and of course the bull who was a probably a Miles Edgeworth homage.

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