Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode 8- What now?

You couldn’t get more cliche than this.

Also, what the hell is the series going to do now with the only other male elementalist getting detained at the end? Another thing, do the subbers really have to call it Elemantalers? Why can’t it just be Elementalist?

They also did the most cliche thing ever in this episode too. I thought Kamito was decent enough for handling the possessive girls but then he pulls the “We’re strong because we’re a team!” thing and I just had to stop the episode and take a breather before continuing.

Hell the fight with Jio was pathetic too. Restia shows up in blade form but he gets wrecked anyway.

After blocking the attack aimed at Fianna, Kamito struggles to get up to continue his fight. Fianna decides to pull a ditch effort attack and uses what is called a Bloodstone that houses a powerful spirit. Another flashing attack covers the area and Jio is repelled off for now while the harem and Kamito regain their senses. Claire, Kamito, and Fianna move on ahead to the true sealing shrine while Rinslet and Ellis tend to the others.

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We have a little bonding time where Fianna explains her reasoning in joining Scarlet’s lackluster team. Surely someone like her who screwed up in her life would be accepted among a male elementalist and the little sister of a national enemy. We also get more of Est getting doted on by Kamito while the other two sulk in their inferiority. Either way, they are able to reach the inner shrine and Fianna prepares to seal the spirit again the girls decide to take a bath while Kamito watches the outside gate. 

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Jio Inzagi drops by again and is guided to the shrine room by Restia and once again does battle with the crew. He’s outmatched and is constantly called a failure and is eventually done in when Fianna’s dance overloads the sealed spirits that he has control over. He manages to convince Restia to help bim but even then he gets beaten when Fianna gets her contracted spirit out of nowhere.

I can only imagine how rushed this last arc will be.

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