Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 23- We All Live In A…

The last stretch before the horizon.

We’ve got a week before I’m left with no fabulous Jojo. While I know the break is well deserved, I can only imagine how well they will animate the superior leg of fights before we reach DIO’s mansion. To get there though, the Joestar will have to do one more crazy stunt with another set of transportation before reaching their destination.

Surprise surprise. While I don’t exactly remember Suzi getting that much showtime in the manga, she gets a hefty scene today.

We join the crew 60 meters beneath the Red Seas as they enter the final push towards Egypt. Everyone gets comfy in their long ride to Egypt and go about their hours. Joseph tells everyone to be quiet as he is about to make a very important phone call. That turns out to be him calling Suzi Q back in New York about his “business trip”. While Suzi is gleefully unaware of what’s going on, the house butler Rosas is perfectly informed of the situation. Joseph wishes to keep Holly’s condition an absolute secret to Suzi so as to not worry her. He is able to get Suzi to cancel her visit to Japan to check on Holly. Joseph finishes the call and entrusts Rosas to keep an eye on his ever so carefree wife.

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Hours later Polnareff takes the steering wheel and Avdol courses out their inland surfacing spot for them to make their trek to Egypt’s cities faster. Kakyoin prepares coffee but notices that there are 6 cups while there were only 5 found in cupboard. Things take a turn for the worse when Joseph’s artificial hand’s fingers are cut off by the enemy Stand who took form of the extra cup.

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Joseph isn’t wounded but is knocked unconscious and the crew brace themselves for a fight with the Stand Avdol identifies as the High Priestess. It seems that the H.P is able to merge to the submarines inner walls. Avdol checks the systems and the tools to surface are disrupted and the crew is essentially stranded beneath the ocean. Of all times to panic, the phone keeps ringing and Jotaro decides to answer it. Suzi is on the other end of the line and assumes she is talking to Joseph. Jotaro answers back and Suzi is surprised to hear her grandson’s voice when she thought Joseph was away somewhere else. Jotaro stays silent to Suzi’s questions but says that Joseph will be fine as long as he is around him.

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A noticeable hole in the submarine wall shows how exactly the H.P made her unceremonious entry and the crew have a brief scuffle with it before Joseph calls down into the water and wakes up. Jotaro is able to subdue it and the H.P melds back into the submarine’s hull. The crew take this chance to make a break to the surface using scuba gear.

Kind of ticked that they didn’t put the Polnareff hand gesture joke but I guess it will come next episode with another hefty set of ORA.

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