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Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode 8- What now?

You couldn’t get more cliche than this.

Also, what the hell is the series going to do now with the only other male elementalist getting detained at the end? Another thing, do the subbers really have to call it Elemantalers? Why can’t it just be Elementalist?

They also did the most cliche thing ever in this episode too. I thought Kamito was decent enough for handling the possessive girls but then he pulls the “We’re strong because we’re a team!” thing and I just had to stop the episode and take a breather before continuing.

Hell the fight with Jio was pathetic too. Restia shows up in blade form but he gets wrecked anyway.

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Nisekoi Episode 18&19- Swapping Focus

So if the school swimsuit episode didn’t do enough for you, we get ourselves a full beach episode with more revealing swimsuits. Even in the absence of my internet, it seems I haven’t missed too much regarding Nisekoi in both anime and manga. If anything, the lock is still relevant again but like hell it’s going to stop anytime soon. Other than the beach episode, they actually got to the arc I was thinking they wouldn’t get to. The ending for the anime series basically steps into the bounds where a character outlook changes so if anything, I said too much already.

I’m surprised is all. I don’t have the manga to anime chapter-episode match up at the moment but I damn well remember this part being later. Oh well.

Let’s just cover this.

Gifs are down at the bottom for those who were looking for them

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Mahou Sensou Episode 7- No Crying, Only Dreams Now

Returning from the pathetic action episode, Episode 7 returns us to the formula of background love triangle with some measly action sprinked on the side. Am I surprised by this? Not one bit but we’re through the halfway point and I feel no impact or lasting impression at this point in time.

While we got semblance of a promising grudge match between a highly disturbed pair of brothers, instead we just get Takeshi and series of horrific wet dreams.

I wish I was partially wrong

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Fall Anime Week 11

Noucome has ended so that will get its own post in a few days, seperate from the Fanservice Review Post that will include some other series. Speaking of IS, I’m not including the episode in here and if everything adheres to the 12 episode rule, I’ll be writing up the series reviews once the week rolls by.

In case of other posts, I really hope to get Galaxy Angel done but it’s Finals Week before the big break. If you hung around this site for anytime, folks coming over really does hinder work so don’t expect too much from the 17th to the early days of January. I will be working on them but won’t have that many oppertunities.

So far the series reviews to be done are

  • Machine Doll
  • Magi
  • WA2
  • Noucome
  • Fanservice (Freezing, IS, Yusibu)

That is of course, if the first three series named are going to end up with 12-13 episodes.

But for now here we go.

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