Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode 6- Another male spotted

Something happens.

That’s a good thing.

Seriously though they decide to finally bring something interesting halfway through but even then nothing else happens.

Fianna is put under Kamito’s watchful eye and already she begins to get flirty with him. Fianna apparently is yet another estranged noble that has a relation with Claire’s sister Rubia. When the latter went ballistic for reasons unknown, Fianna was supposed to replace her. She however stepped down and everyone shunned her from society. Fianna is skilled a in certain technique in sealing spirits and other abnormalities and Kamito is tasked with guiding her to the city to investigate a lage number of earthquakes for Fianna to investigate if it’s a spirit or not. Talk between Greyworth and a teacher also suggests that Fianna has lost her ability to utilize her spirit.

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Before any plot happens though, harem hijinks must take place and in comes Claire when Fianna is getting a bit too close to Kamito. Fianna whispers the name Ren Ashbell and Kamito is unable to get anything out from her but she insists on using that information for her amusement. Claire has objections with Fianna staying in their room and Kamito volunteers himself to be the one who leave the room. Claire gets possessive and Fianna gets angry to that and they decide to settle a bout with a cooking contest in which nobody actually wins.

Late night harem antics involving washing Kamito’s back is stopped when Ellis and her squad get their asses handed to them by a male spirit user. Kamito and Claire give chase to the forests and the other user reveals himself as Jio Inzagi, the reincarnation of the demon king who is able to utilize a large number of spirits at once. Instead of finishing the series here, Jio decides to retreat when Fianna barges into the fight while she herself is unable to fend for herself.

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