Space Dandy 2 Episode 5- Moby Munagi

There we go, now that was a Dandy episode.

I mentioned a while back that Space Dandy 2’s best episode was its premier Episode 1 and the three episodes following were pretty average for me. Now this episode comes along with some jaw dropping scenes and some stylistic backgrounds to deliver a rather fascinating episode. Now I wish I saved the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference for this episode because there is a lot of fish to be mentioned.

I gladly say Episode 5 is right behind Episode 1 here.

Stuck again in another financial rut, the crew of the Aloha Oe find themselves fishing for some money and possible sustenance. QT coaches Dandy on proper fishing while Meow searches the web for something that could potentially aid them. He eventually finds an extremely rare species of fish known as the Munagi. Apparently not a single one of them has been caught and a large bounty prompts Dandy and crew to begin another hunt for some fish.

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The Aloha Oe gets stuck on a planet’s surface due to some thick kelp and Dandy ventures out alone into a strange world. He somehow ends up being rescued from a sea of mud by a little girl named Erssime who cheerfully agrees to help him find the legendary Munagi. Before actually heading off to fish, Esame introduces Dandy to L’Delise. Delise doesn’t take too warmly on Dandy’s presence and the latter reciprocates that feeling back. Esame joins Dandy’s hunt for the Munagi across the entire planet and its numerous bodies of water. One such location has Dandy falling into a whirlpool only to get saved by L’Delise. While Dandy is thankful, L’Delise still does not give Dandy any kindness and say that Dandy isn’t the first person trying to hunt down the Munagi, and probably won’t be the last person to die trying either.

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Sitting near a campfire, Erssime tells Dandy the legend of how the Munagi lives in the deepest parts of the ocean and is known to take no bait. Dandy is skeptical to even catching one but apparently when a blue moon is out, the Munagi will appear. While this gives Dandy some hope, his aspirations are shot down the next morning when the local fisherman deny claims that the Munagi is real and confirm that the planet doesn’t even have a moon. Before Dandy showed up, it was only Delise and Esame that would believe in the apparent myth. Dandy is shot down once again. On the Aloha Oe, QT notices something big coming towards the planet.

Dandy is awoken on a stormy night by Erssime and is told that Delise has gone missing. Dandy surmises that the old miser has gone off to hunt a myth but Erssime doesn’t seem willing to give up just yet. Dandy finds nothing better to do and decides to help her. Dandy notes a familiar eagle that’s been around Delise and decides to follow it to get to him. QT and Meow find a swan boat to use to contact Dandy about an incoming comet.

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Dandy and Erssime find Delise on the prowl. Delise is quick to express disappointment that Dandy is still here but they both become silent when a blue light comes down from the sky. The comet itself acts as the proverbial blue moon. Without warning, the legendary Munagi reveals its enormous body and ascends from the depths. Dandy and Delise get ready their gear for the hunt of their lives but Dandy misplaces his gear and his only choice is to help Delise with his own style of capture. Delise falls his boat and Erssime goes to save him while Dandy is somehow able to get a line on the creature. The three pull with all their might and then are joined by QT, Meow, and the rest of the local fishermen.

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The legendary creature however begins to ascend into the light of the comet and Dandy is given an arrow with a rope attached to it for the last chance at seizing the monster. Dandy lands the shot but the rope’s end catches his leg and Dandy joins the Munagi upstream a light from the comet. Our good ol Narrator comes on to tell us that the Munagi was not a native of the planet and in fact landed on the said planet many years ago when the comet made contact with it. The Munagi returns home to its comet at long last.

Dandy fell down before he actually reached the comet and once again, Dandy’s quarry has bested him once more. Dandy and co. return to the river they were at before getting embroiled in Munagi hunting and Meow mentions a similar mission in finding yet another rare fish. On the side however, a familiar looking fish swims by.

I really like grand scale scenes and the fish moving back to its comet was a lot more grand than seeing a smaller fish like the one in Episode 3 do. Overall, a better than average Dandy episode in my book.

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