Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode 4- It’s Alive

So what I assumed to be actual character development with a death of a dear friend just negated itself and we’re back to the regular stuff. More fighting going on but it’s honestly not that amazing to watch.

Well at least we got an actual kiss instead of the usual harem crew ganging up on Kami-

Oh wait that happens too.

You can already tell that the quality of posts for this series from me will only plummet unless they do something different.

Kamito rushes over onto the city arena with Est to stop the idiotic Claire from getting herself killed in a blade dance. In said Blade Dance, Claire is unable to do anything to her combatants’ elementals It doesn’t help that she’s even using the spirit she gained from Restia from the last episode either until Claire gets beaten up a bit more. When that actually does happen, the malign spirit begins to infect the other spirits and incite them to attack civilians.

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Kamito arrives to see this and equips Est and get Claire out this entire mess that she’s completely at fault for. Claire once again begins to be dishonest with her feelings and it takes Kamito what is essentially a confession to finally get her back to her senses and fight with him. What I still don’t understand is that how Kamito be a “contracted spirit” to another person? Either I’m letting a joke get over my head or I’m just misinterpreting an altered cliche.

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Anyways, Kamito defeats the malign spirit in one hit and Scarlet of all things comes back to life (well, apparently it never died). Restia then shows up to taunt Kamito a bit before she lets another evil spirit possess a spirit that was to be awarded to the winner of the blade dance. Claire and Kamito take over since the only one who can actually fight is stunned by seeing Restia again. So this time, it takes Claire to wake Kamito up but this time with a kiss. Kamito returns to full power again and both are able to finish the possessed spirit with nearly any problem. Using Est however still drains Kamito of energy so he once again falls unconscious.

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Once again, naked Est in Kamito’s bed gains the ire of the other girls and regular harem antics ensue. By the looks of it, another girl seems to be joining the harem next week. Surprise surprise, it looks like she knows who Kamito crossdressed as.

The series isn’t honestly meant to be an action series.

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