Shinigami-Sama to 4-nin no Kanojo

It’s a rare¬†occurrence for me to pick up a manga. I mean in the entire manga scene for me its just a handful of series.

I’m keeping up with Naruto because it’s going to end but they’re drawing out all the friendship and love conquers all thing a bit too much. I gave up on Bleach and One Piece but apparently the former is in its final arc but that was stated like a year ago. Omamori Himari is in on its last volume and I still love Himari and Kuesu so everyone else can go die. Hayate no Gotoku is getting on my nerves because Nagi is my least favorite character and they dedicated a good year and half to her manga arc and it’s finally over. I just want my Athena back alright? TWGOK is just trucking ahead and I’ve honestly have not been keeping up with the entire hell conflict. Nagasarete Airantou still exists and I’m not liking it too much because it started to form a plot and that’s never good in a harem (that took 100+ chapters to make a plot). Fate Extra’s manga is extremely rushed but I love Saber so I can let it slide

Well wasn’t that just pointless. Enough about my old reads, let’s get into something new.

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