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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean

“Didn’t you once say that everything should have a name? Stone Free…I want to free myself from this Stone Ocean!”

A while ago I posted my Favorite Jojo characters that excluded Parts 7-8 since I wanted to keep it everything within the more well-known universe. I mentioned that it had been a long time since I read Part 6 and exempted some characters from the list. I have since reread Part 6 and now I feel like an idiot for admitting that I forgot stuff from Part 6 when this particular saga happens to be the most eventful. So for that blunder I made, I think owe Part 6 an apology and its own post to honor it. Fate may have played into this but the 7th of December happens to be its release date so happy 10th birthday to you Stone Ocean.

So were he go folks, a “review” that is a decade late, let’s talk about the sixth saga of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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Shinigami-Sama to 4-nin no Kanojo

It’s a rare occurrence for me to pick up a manga. I mean in the entire manga scene for me its just a handful of series.

I’m keeping up with Naruto because it’s going to end but they’re drawing out all the friendship and love conquers all thing a bit too much. I gave up on Bleach and One Piece but apparently the former is in its final arc but that was stated like a year ago. Omamori Himari is in on its last volume and I still love Himari and Kuesu so everyone else can go die. Hayate no Gotoku is getting on my nerves because Nagi is my least favorite character and they dedicated a good year and half to her manga arc and it’s finally over. I just want my Athena back alright? TWGOK is just trucking ahead and I’ve honestly have not been keeping up with the entire hell conflict. Nagasarete Airantou still exists and I’m not liking it too much because it started to form a plot and that’s never good in a harem (that took 100+ chapters to make a plot). Fate Extra’s manga is extremely rushed but I love Saber so I can let it slide

Well wasn’t that just pointless. Enough about my old reads, let’s get into something new.

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Anime, Manga, and Videogame

So while I was chugging away at doing educational works and prepping up the Week 3 anime posts, I did something I rarely have the chance to do: Browsing neighbor sites. I happened to be on G-Man’s site and I saw the curious post of Anime, Manga, and Videogame focus “editorial” detailing how the respective writer balances out time on all three. This post/project was started by Yumeka and since this topic resonates with me well, I decided to take a crack at it.

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hippiefreak’s History with Manga

With me free of getting caught up with Zombie and with school nearing it’s end, I decided to poke around other sites that I completely forgotten about. My gaming time being the best excuse for me not having any “blog awareness” as I’ve completely forgot about the other blogs I had made friends with. So while going around sites, I noticed that Justin from OASG has started a project a while back. Although I haven’t gotten to know Justin and his cohorts at his site, what better way to get back into the community by getting in on a project?

(It’s late at night, please excuse the ramblings and inconsistancies)

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Classics: Vagabond

“Focus only on the leaf, you will never see the tree. Focus only on the tree, you will never see the entire forest.”

Takehiko Inoue made himself a household name in his line of work with Slam Dunk. He would prove himself that he had more to share for us and his next working title would be Vagabond. Vagabond is yet another series that I found my brother reading, but rather this was one of the older series he found and started to read. This was around, my middle school years before he went off to college. This was the penultimate series he would read as far as I know, he hasn’t been reading anything that isn’t related to Berserk as of late. Continue reading Classics: Vagabond

Classics: Slam Dunk + Short Analysis on Sports manga

Truly, one of the greatest sports manga ever made

You have been reading most and if not all my classic reviews, you would learn that a lot of old manga series are discovered by me thanks to my brother’s reccomendations. If I remember well enough, this was probably his very first manga series and definitely his favorite (next to Berserk, but that takes f*cking FOREVERRRR). It was probably the very reason he took basketball with such a passion during his highschool years. Now this was a long time ago, and he always told me, firsthand to read this manga if I was ever going to read a sports manga. So now, my time has come and I finally did read this and, wow. That was one hell of an inspirational joyride.

So whats the series about anyway? Judging from the title and the fact if you knew anything about the basketball world, it’s about basketball. The story is about the Shohoku Highschool’s average basketball team that rises to one of the top schools for basketball in the nation, thanks to a team of rowdy teammates that constantly fight and annoy eachother. Spoilers! but it’s a sports manga!  Continue reading Classics: Slam Dunk + Short Analysis on Sports manga