Shinigami-Sama to 4-nin no Kanojo

It’s a rare occurrence for me to pick up a manga. I mean in the entire manga scene for me its just a handful of series.

I’m keeping up with Naruto because it’s going to end but they’re drawing out all the friendship and love conquers all thing a bit too much. I gave up on Bleach and One Piece but apparently the former is in its final arc but that was stated like a year ago. Omamori Himari is in on its last volume and I still love Himari and Kuesu so everyone else can go die. Hayate no Gotoku is getting on my nerves because Nagi is my least favorite character and they dedicated a good year and half to her manga arc and it’s finally over. I just want my Athena back alright? TWGOK is just trucking ahead and I’ve honestly have not been keeping up with the entire hell conflict. Nagasarete Airantou still exists and I’m not liking it too much because it started to form a plot and that’s never good in a harem (that took 100+ chapters to make a plot). Fate Extra’s manga is extremely rushed but I love Saber so I can let it slide

Well wasn’t that just pointless. Enough about my old reads, let’s get into something new.

By the way, Countrouble ended on a nice note and eventually the guy did get the girl so I could let it go nicely. In a few short words: It was funny, somewhat dramatic, and beautifully drawn.

Similar to the reasons I picked up Countrouble, I just happened upon this manga called Shinigami-Sama to 4-nin no Kanojo. It’s an extremely straightfoward title as it literally means The Reaper and Four Girlfriends. The premise is  simple and reminiscent of Countrouble as it pertains to a loser who has no luck in his life. While Countrouble at least had friends and a live somewhat worth living, the protagonist Minaguchi Kaoru in Shinigami is an absolute loser who has bad grades, no friends, and presence.

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This sad existence prompts a reaper (who takes form of a twintailed loli) to end his life. When his last regrets surface the reaper gives him one last chance to make something of himself. With an all or nothing attitude (and expecting his attempts to fail) Kaoru sends love letters to 4 girls in his school and to his surprise, they all agree to be his girlfriend. So for the next month, Kaoru must juggle around 4 girls and make sure to not let any of them know of his 4-timing.

The manga hasn’t obviously advanced far enough to give full opinions but I wanted to get some preliminary opinions across.

First and foremost is our protagonist Minaguchi Kaoru, the quintessential loser. Honestly, he could have been much worse off. He could have been ugly, fat, been a pervert, or some other unforgivable shounen hero traits. That being said, he doesn’t have any good traits that shounen mains have either but since he’s stuck in the worst/best predictament, we’ll see his true values and colors as the series progresses.

In terms of Death, she’s cute but can we ever have some serious sidekick to the protagonist? When can we ever have a guy like Ryuk again? Either way, other than being cute she’s somewhat there to troll our protagonist as her most prominent purpose is to kill him. Why do I have a feeling she’s gonna get a bit too close to her target?

Shinigami-4Kanojo Yui

Kobayakawa Yui is the first girl to show up for confession. She’s the 3rd year idol who everyone loves but just so happens to take interest in our loser for whatever reason. From thus far in the chapters we have seen, Yui is apparently a complete “S” and like enjoys getting something out of humiliating our loser. It’s too early for predictions so moving on.

Shinigami-4Kanojo Lisa

Umikai Lisa is the second girl and embodies the role of the orderly Class president. She wears glasses, speaks articulately, and rarely shows emotion. Turns out she is completely straight foward in her attempts to be a good girlfriend and even buys porn magazines to keep anxiety out of Kaoru’s system to maintain a healthy relationship. If any of you have picked up on what I like, this girl man….this girl……I’d wife the living hell out of her.

Shinigami-4Kanojo Emily

Oogawara Emily is the quinessential loli of the series who appeared to be tsundere in the opening chapter but becomes the emotionless/ambiguous/socially awkward rich girl. She’s a gamer who apparently played with Kaoru in his MMO’s and is more known of her chunnibyou style of speech and getting into the moment too much. She doesn’t strike the way Kobato nailed the loli chunnibyou so I’m not her biggest fan.

Shinigami-4Kanojo Aoi

Sawatori Aoi is the last girl and continues a trend I’ve noticed of how hot-blooded, athletic girls are named Aoi for some reason. She’s the sports team queen, and thats literally all we know for now. She hasn’t gotten her chapter yet but I assume she’s gonna work our loser into shape.

Here I am realizing that each of these girls represent something that Kaoru has to change something about himself to not become a loser. Much like Sugisaki here these girls represent that inner trait that Kaoru must take on to cease his pointless life. Yui to represent everyone liking him, Lisa to make himself responsible, Emily to have self confidence, and Aoi to give him some masculine form.

As of November 22nd, this series has 5 chapters out and seeing as though it seems to update once/twice a month, I’ll be waiting with bated breath for more.

Shinigami-4Kanojo 1

2 thoughts on “Shinigami-Sama to 4-nin no Kanojo”

  1. This is one reason why I seldom read manga, especially new ones like these. You could wait for weeks/months but it doesn’t even take minutes to finish their new chapter. Of cause, you cab do the waiting game and wait for a lot of chapters first, pretty much what I do for all the ongoing manga series in my backlog. The thing is, sometimes I waited so long I completely forgot what I read past several arcs. I would rather read completed manga.

    But this one does looks interesting, not the most original of idea but I can see some potential. Also, the art’s pretty good, the cover looks like light novel-esque art.

    1. Sorry for not replying earlier.
      Yeah I understand your point about that and a good friend of mine happened to elaborate why he wouldn’t read some stuff because he hates waiting for them to be released.
      In my case, I think weekly or some other type of frequent update adds to the suspense if the particular series is in its good parts

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