Music of the Week #109

Oh god the delays up in here

Jojo Punk

Even I’m annoyed on how the delays are affecting my progress here. So far I have 3 posts planned and I don’t slack off too much, I could probably get all of them done by week’s end since November 1st is just around the corner. Galaxy Angel can be done, Weeks 3-4, and one informative post on a quickly expanding game.

It’s just delays and you can expect Week 5 to be bundled with 6 if I’m unable to get something done.

So enough talk for now. I have extra time to work on those posts tonight so I’ll get right to it.

This needs no introduction

Cowboy Bebop: Asteroid Blues 15th Anniversary

“Yo, dinners’ ready”

15 years ago this day, Cowboy Bebop’s first episode was premiered in its official broadcast. Beginning with the foreboding church bells as Spike walks away on the fated day of his departure. Then of course, the world famous opening theme.

Who knew exactly what would be in store? Many people would consider Bebop’s first few episodes as “non-engaging” and from the onset of it, I wouldn’t disagree with it. It took me a while before I got hooked into the everyday misadventures of the Bebop crew.

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Music of the Week #108

Loaded with work

Jojo Punk

As you can probably tell with the absence of Week 3 in the Fall Anime season, I’m just glued to work until November 1st passes by. Week 4 will come bundled with Week 3 around the end of the week if I am able to get a substantial amount of work done during these next few days. That being said, other posts are inevitably going to be delayed but I actually have this 1 post that’s fairly relevant so I guess I’ll rush that to act as an informative post.

I have little to no time for games but I try to get 40 minutes aside for a short break but that’s not really important. All I know is that once this week and the next are concluded, things should be getting back into regular order.

This week’s theme is that of Hol Horse. While not the most badass character in the series, for a guy who only has a gun for his stand to challenge Dio has some serious balls. Game wise, Hol Horse can set up some wicked combo potentials and J. Geil’s Hanged Man provide some epic combo breakers and initiators.

Anime, Manga, and Videogame

So while I was chugging away at doing educational works and prepping up the Week 3 anime posts, I did something I rarely have the chance to do: Browsing neighbor sites. I happened to be on G-Man’s site and I saw the curious post of Anime, Manga, and Videogame focus “editorial” detailing how the respective writer balances out time on all three. This post/project was started by Yumeka and since this topic resonates with me well, I decided to take a crack at it.

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Fall Season 1-2 Episode Recaps

I think I’ll seperate a large number of these series into seperate posts but I’m focusing on getting these out for now so here we are.

Oh boy where to begin this season. Light personally told me that he doesn’t have too much to look foward to. Considering how he reads light novels a lot, it makes sense since he knows everything that will happen in the LN adaptations present in this season.

But here we go, prepare for an extremely long list of series. Realize this is tentative and I might drop any of these in any occasion if it starts annoying me rather than entertain me.

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Shingeki no Kyojin Review

Every few seasons have a certain show where everybody has some serious hype for this one action series. Last year’s was Sword Art Online and I believe I’ve made it clear that it wasn’t the greatest thing ever and the hype it got was understandable but for me, the majority of the series is overrated.

Comparing series is something I generall do not do but when the such a disparity between two hyped series seems very relevant in praising a show and pointing out how some direction should be taken instead of the other, I think it would be beneficial in getting two birds with one stone so why the hell not. The art of comparison shall be used here to either bring out the best or the worst of Attack on Titan’s performance these past few months

So does Attack on Titan live up to its hype? We’ll find out

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Music of the Week #107

Life’s getting a bit too hectic a bit too fast.

Jojo Punk

A bunch of shit is going down for me so I honestly think I SHOULD take a few weeks off until November 1st. However, I have like 3-5 planned posts so I at least want to finish what I started. Shingeki no Kyojin and the first two weeks of the Fall anime series (while some series sit at 1 at the time the written portion was done) are nearly complete and they should be up by tomorrow and Friday. I decided to just write a Figure Post because I just recieved one that I’ve been wanting for a good year or two since I’ve started so I obviously want to talk about some stuff regarding the extremely expensive hobby.

Galaxy Angel has not been forgotten but my free time in games usually heads towards 1-2 matches in League of Legends and then back to work. I’ve been wanting to play GTA V as well but most of my leisure-time will be started off at the start of November. All Star Battle is something I’m still practicing and I’ve been taking on some campaign missions too. I have a post for ASB too so maybe I’ll get more stuff done if I stop talking right now.

Oh yeah,



EDIT: I realized that I made a mistake with the music order and I repeated ACDC’s theme so I replaced last week’s with Kakyoin’s theme, here it is for good measure

It just screams Japanese

So to move myself back to some rigorous work, here’s this week’s actual theme with Polnareff’s theme