Music of the Week #110


Jojo Punk

The busy part of my life has past and it will occur again around a month later. With Weeks 3-4 done, I must trudge through Weeks 5-6 this week before I get even more behind. Other than catching up with weekly anime (which is more or less fanservice oriented again), I would like to pick up Galaxy Angel and continue where I left off. I have most of it written but it’s just a skeletal base at the moment.

I’m finding myself extremely lacking in gaming experiences at the moment. LoL is taking its toll on me and ASB can only be so much fun without finding anyone to fight online. With some money on me, I think GTA V can entertain for me for a bit, but of course my intentions to buy some figures are preventing me from using any sort of money at all.

Enough of that though, let’s get on with this. This is Okuyasu’s rocking theme. In all honesty though, Okuyasu’s combo potential is pretty low without sacrificing meter. The recent patches did help him set up some knockdown-unblockable set ups but quite honestly, his lack of punch spam or projectiles leave him pretty low in my personal tier list. Either way, he’s still fun but I wouldn’t pick him if there ever were a tourny.