Hataraku Maou Sama Episode 8

The identity of our mysterious but generous neighbor is revealed, and the reveal doesn’t make her any less lovable.

Summer approaches, so that means more time to post, and more time doing nothing. PROGRESS

Anyways, let’s get this done

Maou Kamazuki

Chiho asks Emilia to accompany her to visit Maou’s household but is “defeated” when she is greeted by Kamazuki at the door. The two are invited over for breakfast and Chiho watches in horror as she is no match for Kamazuki’s culinery ability. When the issue of Kamazuki’s employment comes to light, everyone else but Maou seems to realize what Chiho was trying to do in the first place and tries to talk Kamazuki out of joining Maou and Chiho at work. Eventually, that subject passes and another issue is addressed, this time, being Kamazuki’s attire. Since she only has traditional wear, Emilia offers to help her buy some new ones. With breakfast over, Maou walks Chiho home.

Maou The Confession

Chiho then manages to give off the most heartfelt confession (then again, I’ve been watching harems with half-assed romance for the past how many months/years?) I’ve seen a while to Maou, but then Kamazuki shows up from the other side of the road and Chiho dashes off in Maou’s bike. While the two ponder on her safety, Maou then walks Kamazuki to the station.

Maou What

Emilia learns that Kamazuki has never rode a train before and asks how she got into the city. When she hears the answer being “the gate” she asks if Kamazuki is from Ente Isla and the latter thought Emilia already knew that. The two get in a heated argument in the station and Kamazuki clarifies the humongous misunderstanding that had occured when Emilia had asked Kamazuki if she was “after” Maou. Kamazuki then had asked Emilia if she was in any relationship with Maou because of their alliance when Lucifer and Olba had teamed up before. Emilia then deduces that it was Kamazuki who she fought against the night before, but Kamazuki has no idea who she’s talking about. Kamazuki Suzuno then reveals her real name as Christia Bell, an interogator from the Church Investigation Team. Before the conversation gets any more serious, the two board the trains and traverse the mall (much to Kamazuki’s amazement) and finally continue their conversation at a cafe.

Other than Kamazuki getting the era wrong, she wants Emilia to help her kill Maou but Emila rejects Kamazuki’s offer of restoring her name and returning to Ente Isla. Seeing how Kamazuki is from a shady organization within the church, she decides not to completely trust her but eventually come to friendly terms, as they’re on the same side.


On Maou’s side of the business, the rival chicken joint’s business is booming while his workday is looking pretty uneventful. The manager of the chicken place shows up (and resembles someone very familiar) and turns out to be one eccentric character but Maou had sent Alsiel to investigate the restaurant for future info. Emilia and her friend then encounter Kamazuki who wishes to go meet Maou at his workplace and then Emilia’s friend gets her gossip drive on as they make their way toward Maou’s work.

Man, I don’t even care if Kamazuki wanted to kill Maou, she’s just too damn cute. I give props to Emilia for her extensive showcase of facial expressions while Chiho gets mad props for the most straightfoward (which in this case, is a damn good thing) confession I’ve seen in a while. No fidgets, no awkwardice, just a complete sharing of emotions. Maou gives a pretty neutral, but somewhat positive response to her feelings. Then the rest with Emilia and Kamazuki were fun to watch too, Kamazuki just happened to double the amount of self-alienation by getting the entire era wrong. We have Kamazuki’s stance clarified but we still have some conflict remaining. The series is near half way over, and I await to what they’re gonna pull next.

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