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Hataraku Maou Sama S2- Kind of More of the Same?

One of the most prevalent issues with a lot of Light Novel adaptations is that a lot of the more interesting developments occur well beyond the usual 3 volume adaptation count. The first volume always begins the usual way, the second volume introduces another principle member of the cast, and the third volume might actually start getting interesting.

Hataraku Maou-Sama returns to the animated world after 9 long years since its first season and its announcement definitely came as a surprise. Almost as surprising as Rurouni Kenshin’s new animated project announcements, although that one has some actual prestige to it like the newer Shaman King adaptations. What I’m trying to say is that nobody expected a continuation almost a decade later.

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Hataraku Maou-Sama! Review

Our series of burger-flipping, dish sliding, and customer gretting demon lord comes to a close

Hataraku Maou Sama wasn’t actually on my short preview posts because I overlooked it while looking at other series. Ironically, I called this season “pretty weak” but I take back those words because this season actually turned out to be one of the best (for me). I recognized the four covered series with the aspects of Action (Shingeki no Kyojin), Comedy (This), Romance (Oregairu in some cases), and Harem (Date A Live). I have two more series, but these 4 were what made the season for me.

There are three more series that will be reviewed and Date A Live already got its review (plus a second season), so let’s dive right into the comedic title for this season with Hataraku Maou Sama

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Hataraku Maou Sama Episode 11-12

The subplot that started a few episodes finally surfaces and who else is more suspicious that our very own Team Rocket James Rival store owner.¬†With Episode 11 having very few content for me to actually cover, I decided to bundle 12 with it since 13 will be the last episode. The fighting isn’t as good as the big fight that happened before but it definitely was a lot funnier.

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Spring Anime Week 9-10

My computer’s internet got fried since Wednesday night and I was stuck planning out posts and what to do for summer since then. Other than usual academic stuff that I like to keep offhand to make sure I don’t forget too much, I decided to replay some of my games. I already Trophy Whored out Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 yesterday when I spent a good hour and a half unlocking all endings for the Gallery and spamming Crossover Counters and Triple Combo KO’s. I plan on tackling Metal Gear Solid 4 since I learned of its recent trophy update. But I have a more active plan for games over the summer and it involves the Gametalk I’ve been planning and that will commence as soon as this post is finished.

So due to time constraints and the sheer amount of work I need to catch up on before I proceed with my summer project, let’s get this stuff done real quick.

By quick, I mean Real.Quick.


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