Oregairu Episode 8

Why is this series so good?

Classes end next week, I hope I can make it

Anyways, let the camping trip continue

Oregairu Saika

We rejoin everyone at the summer camp where we last cut off with dealing with Rumi’s troubles. Other than Hikigaya getting Saika’s number, Hiratsuka has planned a Test of Courage for the kids at night and she prompts them to get to work. Hikigaya finishes his work last and wanders around to find a small river.

Oregairu KomachiOregairu YukinoOregairu Yui

He finds everyone playing around the river but he doesn’t decide to join them. Rumi joins him under the tree’s shade and she asks if Hikigaya remains in contact with his elementary school friends. He responds that it would be best to forget about them. Yui has different opinions but Yukino agrees on Hikigaya’s words. Hikigaya finds the situation Rumi is in and makes plans with the Test of Courage to deal with it.

Oregairu It's Reimu

The dressing choices aren’t too scary for a proper Test of Courage but Hikigaya accepts the limitations as everyone wishes to help Rumi the most through this. Everyone lists some alternatives but they know how rotten kids can be. He proposes the idea what he basically did to Hayama, which is to cut off ties with those one is having trouble with. Hikigaya’s plan then proceeds as night falls and Komachi leads Rumi’s group to the planned location. Hikigaya’s plan involve Hayama’s friend and Yumiko to not dress up and have the girls insult them on how they’re not dressed. The two then approach the girls in a threatening manner and then Hayama shows up, but he also is told to act menacing.

Oregairu Planning

He tells the girls that they’ll forgive them if they listen to their rules. He makes half of them go back and makes half of them stay. The catch being: the girls have to choose who they’re going to have to stay with the scary highschoolers. Obviously, everyone votes for Rumi first but trouble arises when they have to pick 2 more girls. We cut back to Hikigaya explaining his plan of how people will show who they really are when they’re terrified and will only care about their own safety. Scaring the girls this way will ensure the relationship “disappears”. Hayama accepts the plan (but mentions a certain female looking out for Hikigaya) and we return to the current scene.

Oregairu Do Not Want

The girls then quickly turn on eachother and start blaming one another for bringing about these circumstances and Hikigaya prepares everyone to come clean and tell them this was a prank, but Yui stops him and then they see Rumi using her camera to blind the highschoolers and bolting away with her “friends”. Hikigaya’s actions are praised by Hiratsuka later on, stating how Rumi was able to approach Hikigaya due to them being so low and how such a pitiful state is actually a blessing in terms of helping others on the same boat. Hikigaya’s work is left thankless but Yukino more or less gives him some praise. As everyone else revel the fireworks, Hikigaya is approached by Hayama who finally gets his name right. When asked if Hikigaya thinks the two of them would have been firneds if they had attended the same elementary school, Hikigaya says what he always does but Hayama thinks differently.

Oregairu Hell No

The crew finally come back home and a fancy car drives by the area. Haruno comes out to pick up Yukino but also tells Yui (in a non-offensive way) to stay from Hikigaya as he’s Yukino’s boyfriend (to which the duo refuse). Haruno mentions their mother wanting to see Yukino and after the goodbyes, she leaves. Yui asks if Hikigaya remembers the fancy car, but he dismisses it. But in fact, Hikigaya had instantly remembered what Yukino’s car looked like: The one that hit him when he saved Yui’s dog.

Never would I have guessed an episode that involved swimsuits to involve such events to unfold. Hikigaya’s dismal state truly does make him fit for helping others in his situation. Yukino finally seems to care for what he’s done to help, and maybe it’s because she’s been in the situation Rumi was in. Hayama seems to finally got the name down after the little bonding moment everyone seems to have. I think he’s mentioning either an unknown female in the series or Hiratsuka when he mentions a “she” watches over Hikigaya. Hikigaya also seems to be going to the trap route, but in all seriousness I hope it goes to Yukino, the two would make one hell of a relationship. With another revelation, and what seems to be yet another rejection in the next episode, I can only beg for more episodes.

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