Music of the Week #86


More posts to come

Music 8

After being drenched by a summer squall this afternoon, I got myself a headache. While my educational workload does not near high quantities, it’s still a hefty amount to get done. However, I got myself working on some posts and Date A Live just needs its pictures while Shingeki no Kyojin should be up before we hit Saturday. I’ve gotten myself locked on to one Gametalk but for some reason, I get more tired that I should during nighttime so I’ll look into getting the Gametalk done when summer starts. Obligatory Figure/ACEN posts will come by this week as well.

This week’s music is the very first Dungeon theme in the Arena for the first few weeks of Fate/Extra. While not my favorite track, it was catchy enough to be caught in my head for a bit. Plus, this is one of the themes you grind to, so it fits pretty nicely while you farm enemy programs.

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