Date A Live Episode 7-8

With useless fillers out the way, we enter Kurumi’s arc. Prepare for pretty black haired girl with bangs and tons of murderous blood. I completely rushed through this because nothing happened that hasn’t been seen already. New encounter, dates, wooing, but for once, the target seems well versed in the human world. Then we have a little sister fight going on, oh boy.

To get right into it, we’re introduced to another AST member who is armed with a different styled armor. Origami gets into a serious fight with her during training sessions. Later, briefing begins and the girl recognizes Shidou from a video and calls him her brother. Origami inquires her about this and we got ourselves an insignificant conspiracy

Back in Shidou’s school, yet another transfer student is introduced. Tokisaki Kurumu, the beautiful black haired girl with some awesome bangs and seductive voice introduces herself, but adds the tagline “spirit” at the end. That garners the attention of Shidou, Origami, and to a lesser extent, Tohka. Kurumi approaches Shidou and requests him to guide her around school. Shidou does so while the other two girls tail him. Kotori and her crew at busy at work and a microphone mishap makes Shidou request to see Kurumi’s panties. Suprisingly, she agrees to it but Shidou stops her short of completely revealing herself. Before things get steamy, Tohka and Origami fall out of a nearby locker and interrupts the ordeal

Date A Live Tokisaki KurumiDate A Live Beauty Kurumi

School ends and Kurumi’s happy skipping is interrupted when she bumps into 3 guys. The dudes approach her and she responds back with a provacative response and takes them to an alleyway, seconds after, we hear some blood splattering on the walls. Shidou on the other hand gets glomped by a mysterious girl who calls him her brother.

I choose the one on the left
I choose the one on the left

Back at home, Kotori is suprised to see this girl. Takamiya Mana claim that Shidou is her brother. The two get in a bout but Mana seems to be content with just seeing her “brother” and leaves. After the encounter, the blood soaked Kurumi meets Mana in the alleyway and a short battle insues. The next day however, Kurumi shows up completely unharmed. Later on, Kotori shows a video where Kurumi is killed by the AST. Origami confronts Kurumi but the situation gets flipped as Kurumi subdues Origami instead and reveals her plans of “becoming one” with Shidou (on a much more murderous sense).

Date A Live Great Success

Shidou gets on the offensive and asks Kurumi on a date in which she graciously accepts. Tohka is encouraged by her classmates to get on the offensive to Shidou and ask him on a date at the same time. Shidou and Tohka arrive home and Tohka pulls out some instructions to seduce Shidou to accepting her date. Our hapless protagonist agrees and then immediately gets a call from Origami who also requests a date.

Not sure if want....actually, yeah, DO WANT
Not sure if want….actually, yeah, DO WANT

So in a Carnival Phantasm styled rush, Shidou, with the help of some technology switches between girls at a rapid pace. While Tohka is absorbed with eating food and Origami only being awkward, Shidou tries to spend more time on Kurumi. On one occasion though, Shidou leaves to attend to the other girls and Kurumi notices a group of guys torturing cat with pellet guns. She merrily hops in the scene and eerily mentions that she wishes to join the game, only if they switch up the targets a bit. Shidou arrives back to Kurumi’s spot but doesn’t find her there so he treks through the nearby woods only to find a masscre. Kurumu now donning her dress gives off a maniacal smile as she executes a person in front of him. She approaches Shidou but she gets knocked away as Mana shows up

The nicest character in the series
The nicest character in the serie

With Kurumi finally around I can at least say she looks mighty pretty, but is also batsh*t insane. Tohka’s simplicity is growing weary on me and I kind of prefer how she was back then, sort of grim and mysterious. I find it sad that Origami, a human is a lot more mysterious than some spirits are. Yoshino doesn’t count though, obligatory loli and adorable intervention gives her some points in my book. She actually does something to help the useless protagonist too. Mana doesn’t seem too interesting to me, I guess I like Kotori better due to awesome character switches. I guess it goes like this Kotori > Yoshino >Reine > Kurumi > Tohka=Origami > Mana. Whatever the case, at least they got to show how creepy Kurumi is, now I’m just waiting for how they deal with the end.


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