Oregairu Episode 6-7

Let old conflicts be resolved and new conflicts arise, Hikigaya finds himself once again dealing with unwanted social dilemmas that he has to answer.

Let’s try to get myself caught up before the later days of the week arrive.

Normal school life continues for Hikigaya, with the sole exception of him not interacting with Yui anymore. Hikigaya however sees this as a plus, interpreting this as a “going back to square 1”. Yukino asks Hikigaya if anything happened and he subtly states that they had a falling out. Yukino doesn’t seem too disturbed by Yui’s continued absence in the club but when Hiratsuka (instructor) barges in and sarcastically laments Yui’s absence, makes the duo accelerate their efforts in finding one new member to keep their “club” active. While Hikigaya has Saika on his mind as the potential new member, Yukino is set on reclaiming Yui for the club’s future and pinpoints the date of June 18th as Yui’s assumed birthday to celebrate. Then out of nowhere, Yukino asks Hikigaya out to accompany her

Oregairu Twintails

To make things less awkward, Komachi tags along the introverted duo to find something to give to Yui. Instead of going with Hikigaya’s plan of splitting up, Komachi vouches for going together but either way, she disappears from sight, leaving the two to themselves. Hikigaya sees no reason to hinder Yukino’s decision making but she does find her tastes applicable to the common highschool girl and requests Hikigaya to stay and help her.

Oregairu Mutual AgreementOregairu HarunoOregairu Compliments

Yui happens to be present at the mall with her dog and while thinking of repairing the relationship with everyone, her dog runs off. On the other side of the mall, Hikigaya and Yukino take a break after looking up shirts to buy and then they opt to buy aprons. While doing that, they run into Yukino’s sister, Haruno. Completely contrasting Yukino’s attitude and behaviour (almost scarily similar to how Hikigaya and his sister are), Haruno mistakes the duo as a couple but figures out what they’re up to and leaves. Hikigaya however sees something past that ever-present smile on Haruno’s face as she leaves and Yukino seems impressed at what he was able to dig up after only meeting Haruno for a few seconds.

Oregairu Scared Yukino

Yui’s dog runs to Hikigaya while Yukino seems terrified of canines (while loving felines). Hikigaya is able to subdue the restless dog and they encounter Yui, who takes the duo’s presence together as a date. Yukino’s choice of words only seem to play off that and she requests Yui to come to the clubroom on monday to talk about the problem. When that moment arrives, Yui is not willing to completely hear Yukino out, but Hikigaya realizes the misunderstanding going on and clarifies Yui’s misconception.

Oregairu Solved

Yui and Yukino make up and Hikigaya’s relationship with Yui is “reset” as said by Yukino who states that their “debts” are now equalled out. Since they’re technically back at “square 1” they can start their relationship once more on a better note. Yukino leaves them with those positive words as she leaves to inform Hiratsuka of the club’s revival. Yui opens Hikigaya’s gift and thanks him (and then runs out after she puts on a collar meant for the dog) while Hikigaya prepares to leave.

Oregairu Tsurumi Rumi

The field trip day arrives and Hikigaya ignores his text messages to answer back later and not show up. Komachi walks in and requests that they go to Chiba for a small summer trip. Hikigaya agrees but is stunned to find out that Komachi tricked him into going on the trip with Hiratsuka and the other class mates. Hiratsuka brings them to a summer camp for kids for some volunteer work. Hiratsuka specifically states to “deal with” their “regular” classmates as a means of adapting to society and regularly conversing with them. Out of the kids though, Yukino identifies with one lone girl without a group and Hikigaya notices Yukino’s glances. It is made quite clear that the girl, Tsurumu Rumi, is not a wanted member of the class. As the day goes on, Hayama makes repeated attempts to try and warm up to her but Hikigaya and Yukino know better on how to communicate with people like her.

Oregairu SimilarOregairu Serious Hayama

Rumi finally decides to talk to the two teenagers that seemed apart from the rest. Seeing how she can relate, the trio start talking and learns how Rumi was unconditionally chosen as class loner (for no better reason than to make fun of people). This spreads out amongst the high schoolers who wish to help her. Even the other kids express concern, but Yukino and Hikigaya know that they will be unable to help her at all. Hiratsuka leaves Yukino and her crew to deal with the situation and Yukino rules out the prospect of everyone working together. She gets into a quick arugment with Yumiko, but Hayama stops the argument before it gets any further.

Oregairu Stars

Later that night, a restless Hikigaya walks out to see Yukino staring at the sky. Apparently Yukino continued her argument with Yumiko and made her cry, explaining why she left her cabin. Yukino vents a little on helping the girl and how annoying it is to deal with non-strangers (as she only helps those she barely knows). Before getting farther into the conversation, she heads back in.

Hikigaya references Stands. I’m. F*cking.Done. I thoughted I enjoyed this series but I can’t seem to stop liking it with each episode. I really liked the mall scenes. Yukino knows that Hikigaya is male first, loser second and still has a bit of embarassment asking someone like him to help her. I’m loving the duo loners though. They’re pretty honest with eachother in terms of what’s on their mind and I loved it when they complimented each other and showed at least some hint of comradry. Nice touch with Yukino and the dog/cat thing, and Haruno might have something else about her. After relationships are mended after an entertaining misunderstanding, we move on to seeing a little girl in a troubled situation. Similarities between Hikigaya and Yukino seem to reflected on to her (and vice versa). The situations got even Hayama a bit worred as well, can’t wait to see what else goes on

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