Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 5 Review

Bleh, finally feel a little bit better with my sickness

So without further hesitation, lets get to reviewing

Oh by the way, Imma pull off 3 short reviews in one with idolmaster. This review contains less pics than before cause I didn’t find it TOO interesting, unlike last episode where wierd was as plentiful as oxygen

Episode begins off with Kodaka being a little “inconsiderate” towards his sister. Talking about his club rather than listening to her, or hell even asking about her day. Next morning, she sees Kodaka preparing lunch, only to find out the bulk of the nicely prepared lunch is for the little girl at his school. Kobato is more or less dissapoint, but seriously paying attention to a random nun than to his cute little sister..

Anyways Kodaka gives the lunch to Maria and she’s pretty suprised at the act of kindness (well compared to Yozora, i guess anyone can be nice. She was enslaved and was paid with chips). Kodaka leaves to go to class, then Maria calls him the “phrase” that incapacitates a lot of characters.

 See this to get the idea. Anyway Kodaka is more or less stunned hearing that.

During the club’s “meetings” rumor goes out that Kodaka has been eating lunch early, Yukimura is somewhat sad and thinks that Kodaka finds “his” offerings insufficient. Anyway, Maria runs in and utters her line and compares Yozora’s chips to crap. But Yozora shoots her a look and Maria apologizes. Rika is interested if Kodaka is into little sisters and he explains that she started calling him that.

Sena doesn’t seem to notice but squeals after finishing a game. She says that she would love to be in a game and Rika notices this. Rika says she helped develop a game in its beta stage and decide to show her new “friends”. Apparently the game is a virtual reality simulator with a single game, a fantasy RPG. Everyone logs in and chooses their class.

Not shown: Sena in yet another skimpy outfit and Yukimura in  samurai armor without a menpo (the mouthguards/masks samurai’s used)

Kodaka decides to be a mage, which happens to be the real world idea of mage (IE: a bum);  Rika a gunslinger;  Sena, a blacksmith (not exactly the one she was going for); Yozora gets turned into a walking flower; Yukimura gets samurai armor, aaand Maria looks like Index from..Index

From what i can tell, they got a decent team, a ranged dealer, reg. dealer, hybrid, a tank, a healer and Kodaka who apparently is useless.  As they go on their quest, they encounter some demonic fishes. Everyone starts berating them because of their looks and Kodaka tries to defend the fish. Still, his efforts prove useless and the fish are exterminated. Later they go on to fight the boss but get their asses handed to them

Demon’s Souls Logic: If you’re in soul form, you will do more damage. Logic: NOT APPLIED

The game session ends, Kodaka is the last to go down and after he takes his headpiece off, he finds Kobato in one of the table seats. She takes hers off and says that she was wondering why Kodaka was coming home late.

He introduces everyone to Kobato and Sena makes a reference to Oreimo

Rika is able to understand Kobato’s style of speech in her and she interprets it as Kobato was curious what Kodaka was doing to make him come home so late. Kobato goes cutesy and denies that.

Kodaka agrees that he has been neglecting her so he assures her that he will make better food for her. Then Maria wakes up and starts clinging on to Kodaka, calling him “onii-chan”. After a few seconds of extreme clingyness, Kobato goes off calling Maria (or Kodaka I’m not sure) an idiot. The two start having a fight while the more mature members go return the headsets. We also see Yozora being embarassed again.

Later that night, Kobato sneaks into Kodaka’s bed

Ep done! Sorry for the small amount of pics and words this time around, hopefully my condition clears up by next week!

6 thoughts on “Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 5 Review”

  1. Not interesting? Who isn’t interested when Kobata is being so cute with her jealousy?
    Glad to see the cast completed and in the club….time for some karaoke! (or maybe just games, this series seems really gaming heavy when it comes to activities)

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