Mashiroiro Symphony Episode 2 Review

O hi there. It’s me again. Just so you know (and if you haven’t noticed), I’m putting pictures on the bottom. Yep.

Let’s begin by reviewing the last episode. If we recall from our VERY recent review, Sena Airi, the principal’s daughter, has refused to acknowledge the boys’ place in her school. And… that’s about it.


The scene is at home, and Shingo recalls a memory of himself suffering from a very serious asthma attack. This more or less kind of foreshadows that Shingo will later suffer from an attack… points toward tragedy :/ At school, none of the girls from this school are talking to them because of Sena’s refusal to welcome the boys. Apparently, she has a big influence. Shingo tries to lessen the tense atmosphere but without success. Angie’s a half. Lol.

Shingo is very preoccupied over what the hell happened to Sena. It’s like she has a split personality; earlier in episode 1, she was all nice and polite, while now she’s a total bitch. Thinking, he steps into the ‘powder room’. Sena is there, washing her hands. I really don’t see what’s so bad about this. Airi gets all embarrassed and yells at him to use the temporary boys’ bathroom. Wtf? She was fucking washing her hands.

In gym; the boys are all worn out from running. It’s funny because the guys have to change in the courtyard… We find out Hayata is the student body president at the old school, but he can’t do crap about anything because he’s already busy. Angie comes and brings some water to rejuvenate the guys. DRESSED IN GYM CLOTHES.

Angie is happy about the merger; more people = more potential masters.

Oh well. After gym, Shingo decides to try even harder to make friends with the girls. Then he walks into a room full of girls who are changing. And so his rep died. Instantly. Especially after he drops the chalk.

Shingo’s rep is so bad that he has to go outside to eat. He then hears someone call his name; oh wait it’s the pet that makes an “uryuu” sound. He feeds it some of his food and in return meets its master (who calls her pet Pannya); one of the hottest chicks in the series. Miss Purple hair.

No, her name is Amaha Miu. Blah, blah, talk. Miu checks him out since she’s never met a guy before (or at least she’s been in all-girls schools since primary).

At home, Sakuno tells Shingo to just act like he always does and he’ll be fine.

At the school assembly, all the girls rage about how the boys are pervs and shet. Then the principal trolls the boys by lol’ing, “You boys aren’t very popular, are you?” Right after, she pwns the girls as well by saying that some of the girls have begun prettying themselves up since the merge. Double kill.

The principal ends by introducing the new curriculum: cooking, tea brewing, music playing, and flower appreciating. Wtf @ last one.

Today the class is making RICE. Forget what rice. Something with chestnuts. All the other boys suck, but Shingo recalls what his sister said and works like a boss.

All the boys pull it together by watching Shingo (who is still the most useful). Hayata looks like he’s flirting with the glasses chick. You have a fiance, bitch. Owait… or is that his fiance. I doubt that.

Shingo tries to help Airi, but she refuses his help.

Everyone is done! BUT THERE’S TOO MUCH FOOD. And they have to eat it all or else everyone will fail the class. Hmm… gee, I WONDER what the BOYS could POSSIBLY do about this.

The guys HERPADERPADERP-INGLY eat all the food and fall asleep from it (although it’s probably more like overacting). All the chicks are like “Wow! Boys can eat a lot! I love them now!” ./facepalm

The next day at school, the androphobic teacher says that the class needs two reps. One from each school. The million dollar question: Who are they? Well, I know who’s going bankrupt.

If you were too stupid to guess, they were Airi and Shingo. Outside, Pannya is celebrating on Shingo’s selection. Although Shingo accepts the results, Airi asks herself, “Why does it have to be him?” while being all flustered.

That’s about it.

See you later~

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