Mashiroiro Symphony Episode 1 Review

Who saw this coming?

…Uh I did. I’m writing it.

So let’s steal the summary from Wikipedia:

The story of Mashiroiro Symphony takes place in the fictional town of Kagamidai, which consists of two distinct districts dubbed the “Old Distrct” with traditional housings resided by upper class families and the “New District” inhabited by working class families. The town also houses two private academic institutions undergoing a merger: the Yuihime Girls’ Private Academy, a notorious upper class girls’ academy nicknamed Yuijo, and the Kagamidai Private Academy, an co-ed school where Shingo, the protagonist, attends. As part of the merger, students from both schools are selected to participate in a test class that attends classes within the Yuihime Academy campus, which is more or less opposed by the female student body.

Yep. If you haven’t figured it out, couple o’ guys and bunch of chicks. And of course, Shingo will probably get them all.


The episode begins with some girl asking, “What color are girls? What color are boys? If girls are red, what color would boys be? I don’t understand.” Another girl asks, “What color are girls? What color are boys? And, if both of them meet, what color would their relationship be? I’m sure it would be PURE WHITE. Just like an empty canvas. It’s color has yet to be decided. That’s why the color of love has to be white. The color of them being together is certainly a fading, pure white.” 

That word ‘fading’ gets on my nerves. Tragedy? I hope not.

But… from what I’ve heard about the game, it’s apparently supposed to be sad?

Either way, the Shingo gets a call from his sister Sakuno; she is lost. Shingo constantly calls her cute and says that it’s okay that she got lost (apparently it happens often). Eventually Shingo realizes where she is and tells her to stay put as he runs over there, but Sakuno follows some cute weird cat thingy and gets lost once more. While Shingo is looking for Sakuno once more, we see two (technically three) new characters.

It begins to rain.

Sakuno’s battery ran out earlier, but some nice chick lets Sakuno use her phone to call Shingo. The chick’s name is Sena Airi.

The group (Sena, Sakuno, and Shingo) decide to meet up at the park, which they do, the group parts. But not after extravagantly showing off Sena’s figure and face.

When the siblings get home, Shingo takes a bath; BUT NOT WITHOUT SAKUNO!

Shingo and Sakuno walk to school and meet a guy friend Hayata. He’s definitely half…? And I just realized, why is Shingo’s hair brown and Sakuno’s hair blue? Not blood related? By the way, it seems Sakuno likes her brother.

We discover Hayata has a fiance. Well that rules him out from the possibility of picking up any other chicks (and good thing too).

When the trio arrive at school, they are greeted by the nora-maid (lost/stray maid) Angie who fawns all over Shingo after he replies to her saying “Welcome back.” Angie knows that the three of them are test students (read summary above) and guides them to the right place.

Throughout the overextended journey, we meet the purple chick and her pet again.

The test students are meeting in a room, while one of the teachers waits outside because she has androphobia… and we see the red/hot pink haired chick who was helping the purple haired person to find her pet earlier.

Sena comes in, pulling her mom the principal to get off her lazy ass and meet the students. When Sakuno and Shingo greet Airi, Airi gets all flustered; then she RAGES. She refuses to acknowledge the boys coming to her school because this is a girls’ school!

*Flash of a bunch of shocked faces* Then a random pic of the cute little pet making a sound similar to Shingo’s last name, Uryuu.

I’ll put up episode 2 soon.

See you soon~

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