Music of the Week #4

Let’s not waste any time here, I’ve got something I need to work on for my school and I want to share music as well

This week’s music is the ending theme for Yu Yu Hakusho, ending theme 1

Homework Never Ends, could not have fit the setting for me and Light.  Anyways, this is one of my MOST favorite songs in all anime themes.  The nostalgia just makes it even better too.  If you watched the Yu Yu Hakusho series in the past, then let this song and next week’s song make the memories come flooding back, enjoy 😀

Fights in Anime and Manga

Lemme tackle a semi important subject on the anime/manga world.

What makes a great fight scene in a series?

It’s natural to have a few cuts to your clothes in fight right?

Back when I was but a still young child, fighting in anime was a key thing in our entertainment.  Fist fights, shoot outs, sword fights, supernatural fights, and the list goes on.  Anime and most of its viewers and has changed since then.  To be honest, I consider myself more of a gamer than a anime fan.  But  due to anime being free to watch (but the merchandise is soo pricey) and games being expensive, I stuck with talking about anime seeing as I can afford it and there a plenty of them to watch. Continue reading Fights in Anime and Manga