Music of the Week #1

Something new i decided to do

Yes, unfortunetly, I broke my posting streak a few days ago and I am working on getting the idolm@ster episode 13 done (it’s a concert episode so it doesn’t need a lot of words).

So what am i doing right now?  Well anime has probably introduced us to many many songs out there in Japan.  Although I’m sure many or at least a few have probably heard of Japanese music before anime became such a huge hit, it has probably attracted a lot more attention to the music in Japan. 

Because I love music so much and I’m scared I might forget about any of them, I have a huuuuge collection of Youtube links on my favorites bar. 

So starting this day, and every wednesday Me or Light will just make a simple post of a song from an anime that we absolutely adore

Lets kick off the music with a bang!

It’s Cowboy Bebop’s legendary opening piece, Tank!

Seriously, it doesn’t even need WORDS for the song to say it’s awesome