Music of the Week #9

I first want to apologize for the lack of posts. Light’s getting piled up with homework and he got his Ipad stolen. To top that off, Mutsu no Hana (mashiro iro psp) arrived for him and his psp followed, so that bastard is gonna be more preocupied(at least I get to play the other game he ordered). I have been preocupied with my schoolwork as well and I’ve been doing some thinking of taking an instrument or take another language. Anyways enough of that

So I apologize, I will try my best to make Light get back to work. But have no fear! Winter Break is in 2-3 weeks!

So enough about us, that really belonged in the Author’s Corner but oh well

Enjoy this week’s song: Hitori no Yoru with one kickass chorus

Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 8 Review

Sorry for the late post, Fate/Extra and Dark Souls literally took all of my time and a bunch of people were over here during the Thanksgiving Break

and on a note on Fate/Extra: CAASSSTERRRRR. That is all

Light promises he will get most of his posts done by today but iI highly doubt that.

Alright, lets get to it

Yes, theres Kobato and Maria again but I guess the second half will get most of your attention because it involves swimsuits, but only for a few minutes.

First off, uhh the animations were a little bit…low quality compared to the last episodes, so keep that in mind if some screencaps are little…meh

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Classics: GTO-Great Teacher Onizuka Review-

“To become truly great, one has to stand with the people, not above them”~Charles de Montesquieu

(Note: No character list, just Onizuka and his awesomeness)

Great Teacher Onizuka or rather, GTO was one of few mangas I saw my brother read. Most of what my brother read, i have read as well and I have fairly enjoyed them. First manga I read thanks to my brother was Ichigo 100 which i already talked about. Then I read Vagabond and then Slam Dunk. I didn’t read Berserk because of how long it is and I plan on reading Fist of the North Star soon too. But GTO gets the spotlight for now as one of the greatest mangas I have ever read.

Eikichi Onizuka, blonde, 22 years old, ex-bike gang member, chain-smoker, 2nd rate Karate master, and most of all a virgin. Who expects a man like this to ever become a teacher? Let alone gain the title of “Great Teacher”? Onizuka spent most of his younger years with his buddy Ryuji(who shows up a few times in the manga) trying to get lucky with beautiful women but has failed in many aspects. Now 22 years old, Onizuka spends his days trying to get lucky while peeping up girls skirts. It all changes when day when a girl actually finds some interests in him. Onizuka pulls some stunts gets on “date” with the girl. It all goes well before the crucial momente at a love hotel. His attempts fail as the girl’s “boyfriend” an old and unattractive teacher happens to be the girl’s boyfriend. Seeing this, Onizuka realizes the power of the teacher over the minds of highschool girls and decides to become a teacher himself. After much hardships and finally graduating out of a shifty college he eventually gets hired by a kind old lady who happened to be a chairwoman of a private school. Standing in between his goals of becoming a teacher is the reputation from his students and his fellow teachers. The students vow to drive Onizuka out while the teachers will try to root Onizuka out as he is not a “real” teacher  Onizuka confronts his class, student per student and he is about to give them a lesson that they will NEVER forget. Continue reading Classics: GTO-Great Teacher Onizuka Review-

Mashiroiro Symphony Episode 5&6 Review

.Wow it’s been a long time. Lately I’ve been addicted to Minecraft once again (I kicked the Enderdragon’s ASS!).

Also, I’ve been staring at Japanese games that I want but probably won’t get… I guess Mashiro and Ranman will have to satisfy me for now.



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Music of the Week #8

A classic manga review will follow tomorrow but this song should prove as an obvious indicator on which series it’s gonna be

Yep, It’s GTO

It was one of the few series my brother ever recommended to me and he only has recommened around 5 to me.

Anyways enjoy the song as I will try to get something out today and post the classic tomorrow

Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 7 Review

Hah, these kids don’t know about cellphones

I don’t neccessarily hate Yozra (I couldn’t hate anyone in this series!) but hey, we need a counter balance to the wierder members of the club right?

So, this weeks episode (much to my dismay) did not feature Kodaka going to Sena’s house to meet her father and get a huge misunderstanding from everyone else. Instead we got, mostly a Yozora episode in my opinion. I say this because we see her smile, quite brightly actually. Continue reading Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 7 Review

The IDOLM@STER Episodes 16-20 Summary

Fear not, I haven’t forgotten about this series.

Yes i know that i neglected the series, but only 5 more weeks to go right?

I guess I just ain’t the fan of “cute girls doing cute things” Although i fairly enjoyed their concerts, I just can’t seem to go about seeing them do random crap. I seriously thought of dropping this series, but with over half the series finished, i might as well try to endure the most of it, besides, who would dare let a series about singing and idols end with a wimper right? I expect an epic final episode

Anyways 5 episode packed into one, I apologize for this but don’t expect anything great from me regarding idolm@ster Continue reading The IDOLM@STER Episodes 16-20 Summary