Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 36- Beginning of the End

So I finally figured out that this would end on Episode 38 so we only got two more episodes to go. I can say that I’m agreeing with the decision to split these tests up into singular exams instead of constantly switching back and forth between them. It makes perfect sense for the main duo of the series to have two full episodes to tentatively settle their differences. For the millionth time, I’ll be lamenting where the series ends off for the adaptation but just you wait anime-only fans, you’ll be thinking the same thing once a third season hopefully comes around.

The examination process continues and we see the aftermath of Aoyama and Uraraka’s fight with 13 and the latter being surprised about Aoyama’s comment on her interest in Deku has her flying towards 13’s blackhole, only for the lessons in CQC she learned from Gunhead kick in and Uraraka pins 13 down. We next join the idiot duo of Kaminari and Ashido vs Principal Nezu in an industrial complex arena where the duo are routed from the exit by Nezu handling an enormous construction vehicle. The latter breaks things apart to prevent the students from reaching the goal and sure enough, they are unable to outwit their excessively intelligent principal. Kouda and Jirou face against Prseent Mic in a forest area and the two are unable to close the distance between their instructor with his highly disruptive noise. Jirou’s own abilities can only do so much against a higher-caliber auditory ability and she asks if Kouda would be able to try and use his quirk to get some animals to help them out. Kouda explains that the noise will simply scare them away and Jirou suggests using bugs instead, but Kouda screams at the sight of them. The audio onslaught continues from Mic as he goads them if they’re going to come for him for not and Kouda gains some steel after he sees Jirou’s ears bleeding and communicates with a swarm of insects and other crawlies. Soon enough, Mic sees a hole tear up from the ground and a horde of insects crawl up his leg and causes him to faint.

Hagakure and Shouji vs Snipe ends rather simply as a marksman can only do so much against a target they literally can’t see, Finally we have Sero and Mineta vs Midnight and as some of the students observe the examination, we immediately see Mineta running away from her while Sero sleeps soundly on her lap. Mineta starts crying tears of blood out of jealousy and as he continues running, the observation room is silent after seeing this play out. Recovery Girl chimes in and notes that while UA graduates become top notch heroes, just having the will to become one won’t be enough and students would require another sort of drive that will push them forward. Sure enough, Mineta musters up enough resolve and plays out his plan in drawing Midnight out of the gate’s proximity. Logically speaking, strong adhesives against a retractable weapon such as Midnight’s whip wins out in Mineta’s favor and he is able to mask his mouth and nose with left-overs of Sero’s tape to make it through the cloud of aroma and Mineta is able to prove himself to be, at the very least, resolved in being a hero in his own little perverted way.

The hour of destiny draws near as most students aside from two groups have failed in their examinations. Deku heads out of the observation room and heads toward his designated testing area to meet Bakugo and face the toughest challenge he’s ever come against.

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