Music of the Week #310


I can already feel the Fall season’s chilly winds and my frequent coughing. I’ve been frequenting FGO discussions and seeing how many people are despairing and rejoicing in their luck in this most recent Rate-Up event. Makes me both scared and hopeful for when the time comes that I’ll be using my stockpiled Quartz a few months down. Until then, I’ll just be wallowing in garbage CEs and helplessly trying to farm materials. Aside from that, nothing really new aside from practicing the newest Under Night. Maybe it’s the latency but my delay-timings have been getting worse.

We move on to one of the better hidden places and bosses in DS3. Slaying Oceiros and moving past his boss room leads the player into a room that holds a new gesture called Path of the Dragon from a corpse wearing the Drakeblood Knight armor. Past the room is the entrance to the bizzaro dark-world alternate universe with the abandoned firelink shrine and Champion Gundyr but the real secret here is the gesture that unlocks the last optional area of the game. If an intrepid player remembers a certain spot outside of the Irithyll Dungeon, there’s a place outside the main buildings that has a bunch of dead knights and draconic beings all doing the gesture, overlooking a vast valley and to a temple atop a distant mountain. Mirroring these figures and performing the gesture will eventually bring you to the wondrous Archdragon Peak where its followers were successful in becoming dragons. This place is also where Gwyn’s Firstborn, who as of now definitely isn’t Solaire, ran off to as his profane action of allying with the dragons had his named spurned from history. Only when the bell is rung at the heart of the shrine, stormclouds cover the area and you enter the arena where you face the Nameless King riding his wyvern, Storm King. Much like in Ornstein and Smough’s fight where the 2nd one slain absorbs the powers of the 1st one to go, the Nameless King assumes his companion’s power over the storm and faces off against you coupled with his power over lightning.