Music of the Week #309


As you probably have noticed, there wasn’t the weekly update for Hero Academy since it seems that there was an episode break last week. The rest of the regularly scheduled weekly stuff are on their episode 8 so we’ve only got around a solid month before the Fall kicks in. To be perfectly honest, I’m not remembering any shows I was interested in the last time I checked the Fall chart. Hopefully I’ll find at least one thing to keep up with. If only BnHA got itself a third season right?

This week’s theme is that of Oceiros, the king of Lothric and father of the Twin Princes. The name suggests that he might have been married into the family since he doesn’t seem to share the same namesakes as his sons Lothric and Lorian. He even names his latest son Ocelotte that follows his own name. Oceiros apparently became obsessed late in his life when he became enamored with the projects of Seathe the Scaleless, which somehow was rediscovered after DS2, but then you remember his teachings were recorded by the Crystal Sages. Oceiros attempted to make himself a dragon and sure enough, he became a scaleless, blind, and pale dragon with crystal based abilities. He also somehow managed to sire Ocelotte as a “child of dragons” and while we hear crying in his fight, we don’t actually see it at all. Might be like Priscilla and how she turned invisible and even the unused sound files show Oceiros throwing his infant son to the ground, making a very disturbing splattering noise.

Music of the Week #308

Almost time

Decided to spend more money on making yet another Magic deck because I love making stuff out of archetypes. First was wurms, then Elementals with other cool stuff in general, and now spiders. That and I’ve finally returned to reading the Forges of Mars omnibus and finished the 1st book. Was an absolutely wild ride and despite it being a 40K novel and knowing how many people die in this setting, I hope some of these guys make it out.

This week’s theme is the bombastic theme of the Dragonslayer Armor. This is the boss that really skewed my perception of the game’s timeline since the Dragonslayer Armor is clearly derived off of Dragonslayer Ornstein’s armor. The first Dark Souls introduced us to the badass himself, the second game showed off that the one we may have fought in 1 might have been an elaborate illusion and this might have been the old but real deal, and the third apparently shows us there’s another. The armor itself is based on the legend of Ornstein and not the man himself as the weapon, the large axe like construct and the shield does not reflect the spear that Ornstein used. Apparently, in the timeline 3, Ornstein left Anor Londo and had Smough take over his post while the former left to search for Gwyn’s firstborn. We find the armor in the Archdragon Peak where he might have ended up meeting him after all. But in all acounts, Ornstein was apparently alive in multiple times.

Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 33- Justice born from Evil

Here’s what I was waiting and for, and they certainly delivered with the lines, the tone, the music, and the voice delivery. I completely forgot that All For One was already voiced through the TV that Tomura has in the hideout bar but damn, this guy is getting a lot more roles than I remember him having. Anyways, this was the episode I was hyping up and it did not disappoint. Rarely ever do exposition heavy scenes really convey this much meaning but, hey, if you haven’t read the manga and experienced this, I can probably guess you were getting goosebumps too

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Music of the Week #307


Hero Academy did something unexpected as you all may have seen so there goes yet another spiel lamenting on how the series will end right before the turning point of the series. Since we have around 4-5 episode left, those will dedicated to the examination arc. I’ll be expecting some level of cliffhangers to hype it up since S2 has been a lot better than S1. Other than that, it’s just more working out and catching episodes of Gyaru and Saiyuki, the latter of which finally makes sense since I was pretty young when I watched its previous adaptations.

This week’s theme is on the Dancer of the Boreale Valley. She’s one of the first bosses showed off in the game in a demo years back. Back then, she was just called the Dancer of the Frigid Valley and I wasn’t honestly all that impressed with her when I saw the footage. Everyone still mostly remembers her for her ass but I mostly remember her only because you can semi-sequence break into Lothric Castle earlier than usual. She’s honestly only given me a problem when I’m not able to kill her ASAP because her moves are honestly tough to read and hard as shit to block if I don’t feel like rolling. Much like Vordt, her current form is because of good ol’ Suly and how he makes it a rule to turn people he doesn’t really like into beasts using his “eye” rings.

Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 32- Mini Arc

So when I said we’d see All For One this week, I guess I was wrong. Funnily enough, I don’t remember this taking place at all in the manga with Tsuyu’s little adventure. This reasoning escapes me unless Tsuyu won something in the popularity poll or something because I never really cared for her since she hasn’t really gotten an actual “development” arc in the manga yet. I don’t doubt my memories are a bit fragmented with the series but the only notable thing about Tsuyu is when she reprimands her fellow students after a rather large event.

But anyways, I guess we can save the other big exposition for the next episode.

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Music of the Week #306


So aside from re-reading Hero Academy’s climatic turning point, it’s just been itching to duel my friend in Magic the Gathering. That and practicing Under Night. Getting good with Seth has been a long-time goal and I think I’m getting close. I can do his extended bnb’s but I’ve got a long way to go to properly have him on my fingertips since his kit is so versatile. So all in all, nothing new has really happened.

But the music spotlight has finally reached one of my favorite characters in the Souls franchise, Pontiff Sulyvahn. While a very divisive boss in the series, due to people either having the roughest day with him, or the easiest if you know how to time your parry, I’ve always liked Sulyvahn the moment I saw him in the announcement trailers. Striding along, matching the player’s movements with his blades at the ready. While I always thought he looked amazing, the lore surrounding him was also very blatant, which is new in the series. Sulyvahn is the single-most referenced character in DS3 while not being the infamous Lords of Cinder. Sulyvahn, whether you come to realize or not, is basically led up to for the first half of the game. As his title of Pontiff suggests, he is the leader of the religious sect known as the Aldrich Faithful. Based in the Cathedral of the Deep (who gain their sacrifices from the Undead Settlement and the Roads of Sacrifices, Sulvahn seized control of the religion that was once devoted to cultivating heirs to the First Flame. With his lackeys Archdeacon Mcdonnell and Royce, he made the new religion’s figure be that of Aldrich, a resurrected Lord of Cinder that was once a member of the church. From there, he wrested control of Anor Londo and Irithyll from the old royalty and made the city his own. Aside from doing other heinous things to others, his own origins are interesting as well as his lineage traces to the Painted World. His swords also suggest his involvement with the Blades of the Darkmoon as well as witnessing the Profaned Flame.

Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 31- Beginning of the End

Piles of exposition, with the most important being that the League of Villains, despite Tomura’s tantrum, has only gained notoriety through Stain’s actions. I’ve mentioned this countless times before but I still lament how Season 2 will end before the start of an amazing arc, an arc which I was so excited to experience again that I decided to reread it. It amazes me how this series reached its turning point in less than a 100 chapters in. It’s also funny to think All For One’s namedrop happening now when we’ll most likely get a shot of him next week.

But anyway, we’re here to discuss the anime so let’s do just that

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