Music of the Week #311


Way late because I was too focused on Magic the Gathering. I apologize for the tardiness because I actually have some fun things to say this week. After last week’s Hajimete no Gal, I got a bad taste in my mouth with how stupid the protagonist was acting and generally had to admit the series wasn’t all that entertaining so I decided to expand my love-com viewing habits and moved onto another series. The only hint I’ll give is “misunderstandings” and while that term might be too broad for the genre, there’s a heaping load of it in the series I picked up this season. That honestly might be the only clue you need.

Anyways, we move onto to the big spotlight themes with the first Lords of Cinder we face deep within Farron Keep, the Abyss Watchers. Also known as the Undead Legion, the Abyss Watchers were an enormous company of warriors that partook a blood oath with an ancient wolf to follow in their “master’s” footsteps and purge any and all traces of the Abyss from kingdoms. Their status as lords was considered as a group as their souls were linked and melded with that of their old master and when they gave themselves to the fire, they did so collectively. When the bell of awakening tolled, the Abyss Watchers neglected their duties as Lords and returned to their keep where they engaged in endless battle against the Abyss, which had ironically taken root in their own ranks. It’s the most blatant homage to the legendary Artorias but no matter how you look at it, the Abyss Watchers were downright cool as all hell.

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