Music of the Week #312


Hajimete no Gal ended last week but I really didn’t feel like talking about it on its own big post but I just might end up having to do exactly that. I always thought the idea of the series outpacing its own manga would lead to something strange and sure enough, it apparently went original in a lot of factors. Instead of voicing all my opinions here though, I’ll just make something small later this week talking about it. I’ve been eyeing some other MTG decks that I want to make but goddamn these prices. I haven’t bought any figures for nearly a year, and honestly, a nearly full deck costs as much as a single figure but why do I feel so stingy with prices now of all times?

Anyways, continuing with our foray into the Lords of Cinder, this week’s theme is that of Yhorm, who’s a bit of a mixed bag. Yhorm harkens back to Demon’s Souls in that he’s mostly meant to be defeated by the use of the Storm Ruler, a weapon that one can loot at the foot of his throne and much like the Demon’s Souls blade of the same name, its weapon art can be used to kill Yhorm in a few hits. Not doing it this way means you’re in for quite a long boss fight as Yhorm, being an enormous giant whose appearance is reminiscent of the faceless giants in DS2 (except Yhorm actually has a face, scarred even), takes forever to kill. Yhorm’s backstory is interesting and, like the other Lords of Cinder are related to NPC quest lines, but I wish I could say the same for his zone, the Profaned Capital. It’s an extremely empty level that begs to be completed but oh well, each entry in the series has THAT portion.

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