Music of the Week #174

Back in Schedule


Covering a single series is really relaxing, especially when I’m pretty busy. Jojo is trucking along but you don’t need this post telling you that. If anything, I’m still watching the 4 harem shows of the season and I can that for now, I’m finding Absolute Duo the least horrific. To keep it simple, Testament is similar to DxD but from the light novel images, it’s trying its hardest to push the boundaries of how much sexual content light novels allow. It’s funny how the series does its damn hardest but more on that when the anime reaches its end. Fafnir has the same artist from Seitokai no Ichizon but damn, it looks terrible and once again pulls the tired cliche of “the only male with this ability”. Last but not least is World Break where our MC is average but the main girl just kills it for me.

The only saving grace Absolute Duo has is that it at least has some male character other than the MC that is relevant. The girls aren’t annoying as hell either since there is no token tsundere just yet. But either way, I can’t say I’m not enjoying these trainwrecks. I’ll look forward to scalping them once the season is over.

I’ll be finally concluding the Earthbound music weeks next week so this week will be the last track from the game proper and it is the Cast Credits instead of the actual credits. Something really hits me when I hear remixed tunes of past themes at the very end. That’s all for now folks, I’ll catch you with Jojo on the weekend.

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