Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 27- Sweet Oingo and Hella Boingo




We’re introduced once again to the brothers Oingo and Boingo who respectively wield the Stands Khnum and Thoth. Thoth’s ability of prediction was showcased last episode when a traveling mangaka caught glimpse of one of Thoth’s pages where he unknowingly saw his own fate. We join the two brothers as Boingo consults his Stand to see the fates of the Joestar crew and are given information on their next location and their demise by drinking poisoned tea. The brothers head to a nearby cafe and kill the owner and Oingo disguises himself as the proprietor. We join the healthy members of the Joestar crew and Joseph explains that Avdol and Kakyoin are being treated in a hospital in Aswan. Avdol suffered no serious damage while Kakyoin might go blind from his direct injury to the eyes. Polnareff suggests that they relax somewhere and have a drink and flicks his cigarette to decide which of the many cafes they should choose. The wheel of fate decides upon the cafe Oingo and Boingo had chosen and Oingo shows up as the waiter to ask for their order. They order black teas but Joseph switches the order and vocally notes that they cannot risk poisoned beverages and ask for Cola from the bottle. Oingo has no choice but to heed the predictions of his brother’s Stand and brings out the Cola, only to have another customer complain at how the Cola is lukewarm.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Oingo and Boingo

The Joestars prepare to head out of the cafe but the cigarette Polnareff threw out seems to have spread a fire on another cafe. The Joestar crew remain in their cafe and ask for the original order for black tea. Oingo gladly serves them the poisoned drinks and watch in glee as they bring the teacup to their lips. This time, Iggy’s interference is what causes the crew to spit out the poison tea and chase after him.

Consulting Thoth again, the brothers witness an extremely detailed prediction that involves Oingo placing a bomb inside an orange and placing it inside the bag of oranges the crew bought inside their car. Before that happens, they beat up a man for his appearance and steals his wallet. Oingo is caught but he uses his Khnum to shapeshift his face and hair to match that of Jotaro and his hat. Polnareff and Joseph remember Jotaro saying he would going straight to the hospital but wonder why he is back at the car, without his school uniform on as well. Oingo covers himself that the uniform is at the cleaners and he came back to retrieve his wallet. Instead of leaving for the hospital on foot, Polnareff drags Oingo into the car so all three of them can visit the hospital. Boingo helplessly watches his brother get dragged away and Oingo realizes that the “Jotaro” who will die upon peeling the orange might end up being himself. Oingo silently throws the rigged orange out the window but Iggy jumps into the car, carrying the orange. Oingo panics and Polnareff and Joseph take suspicion.

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Oingo is then asked to perform a cigarette trick where he flips the cigarette onto his tongue and let the smoke come out from his nose. Oingo sees that he could possibly achieve this but to his horror, he is asked to do 5 at once. Seeing no other choice but to be either killed for being an enemy Stand user or continuing his guise, he attempts to do so and succeeds. Polnareff ups the ante for him to drink juice without letting the cigarettes to be washed out. Oingo fails this time and then in worry, clamps his hands together and Polnareff takes immediate suspicion. This time, Polnareff laughs at how he heard a fortune where someone’s left thumb sticks out when their hands come together, they were a woman in their past life. Polnareff gloats that his right thumb means that he remained a man while Joseph notes that he sticks out his left thumb. Oingo at this point as been pushed past the brink of anxiety and plans to ditch the car before Polnareff peels the orange that he insists on eating. Oingo feigns extreme stomachache and struggles his way out of the car, only to have Polnareff and Joseph call out to him as he lands outside. Silence fills the air and the tension reaches its peak but Polnareff only stopped Jotaro to hand him some toilet paper.

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Oingo succeeds in his escape and with the orange bomb still inside the car, the prediction will come true. He plans to reach the other side of a large rock to undo his transformation but before that happens, Polnareff decides to throw away the orange, seeing as though Iggy must have picked it up from a dirty place. Oingo accidentally steps on the thrown orange and sees the bomb inside. Oingo receives heavy injuries and Boingo finally catches up and swears that he will carry out the mission himself. Oingo starts crying at how much his brother has grown but they are confronted by the man they punched earlier with some thugs and are beaten up themselves. Polnareff and Joseph run into the real Jotaro at the hospital and they see an ambulance roll up containing both Oingo and Boingo brutally beaten up.

A straight up comedy episode that was only amplified with Jotaro’s VA doing the panicked Oingo voice. They even changed up the ED and while it looked creepy as shit, it was an unexpected change that I appreciate. Take heart Boingo, your prediction DOES become relevant again.

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