Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 28- The only actual fight until DIO

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 28- The only actual fight until DIO

I look back at Anubis and see that it is one of the only few duel-style battles that take place in Part 3. Looking ahead in future stands, they only end up being puzzle like fights like before. I’m not trying to say they’re bad but it was refreshing to say the least to finally see an actual fight. Hell, one of the best “fights” in Part 3 isn’t a direct fight at all, and that happens to be my most awaited fights.

Hell, I guess that’s why I somewhat like the later Parts, Stands become more creative but they also have more direct fights. Anyway, let’s get on with Anubis.

Avdol recovers from his injuries while Kakyoin is confirmed to be safe and will rejoin the team as they approach DIO’s headquarters in Cairo. Joseph and co. leave Kakyoin in the hospital while they continue their trek. Polnareff learns some Arabic arithmetic while also getting jealous of Iggy getting attention from some women.

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On the other side of the journey, 4 Egyptian workers head toward the market with their cow and they find an ornate sword on the road. We are introdued to Chaka, a ridiculed son of a worker who discovers the sword first. The first man takes the blade from him and notes at how pretty it is and they decide to sell it off. To check to see the blade’s authenticity, they attempt to unsheathe the blade but are unable to. Suddenly, one of the men’s hands get cut and they fearfully give the sword to Chaka. The blade unsheathes for Chaka but ends up stabbing the boy’s father and the blade then automatically moves toward the other man. Chaka begins to hear a voice from within the blade and it tells him that he is extremely skilled at the blade and he should heed its words. The sword’s voice reveals himself as the Egyptian God of Death, Anubis and his power will allow Chaka to wield the blade with extreme skill. Chaka becomes fully immersed with Anubis’s ability and rears his head toward the other member of his party. The man runs behind a cow to protect himself but Anubis’s blade is able to phase through the cow, while cutting the man in half.

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Anubis wastes no time in suggesting to Chaka that he should seek out the Joestars and kill them all and Polnareff of all people gets singled out while trying to find some food. Polnareff’s senses lead him to walk out of the populated area into the ruins of an Egyptian temple and Chaka follows. Polnareff seems to have noticed very quickly of Chaka’s presence and commends him for being up-front of his intention to fight. Chaka unsheathes Anubis and Polnareff readies Chariot for battle and the two meet head on. Polnareff soon notices that Chaka’s stance and attack patterns are completely inexperienced, yet he feels certain death from the sword itself. Polnareff takes cover from behind a pillar but soon finds that Anubis can phase its blade through matter and Polnareff is slashed across the chest. Chariot fights back against Anubis from the pillars and Polnareff gets some distance between him and Chaka while the latter runs behind the many pillars to conceal himself. Polnareff then decides to climb up on top of a pillar to not lose footing but Chaka reappears and cuts down a pillar and jumps down to attack Polnareff.

Polnareff unveils an ability he has kept secret from everybody else and Chariot launches the blade from its handle and it ricochets from the pillars to impale Chaka in the neck. Chaka begins to bleed out and Polnareff lands safely but finds Anubis sheathed. Polnareff is drawn to the blade and upon unsheathing it, is compelled to draw it out completely. Iggy’s bark returns him to his senses and Polnareff is joined by the Joestar crew who ask him if he’s alright. Polnareff explains that he has just defeated an enemy with the Anubis Stand and they quickly board a ferry to reach the other side of the Nile. Later inside a hotel, Polnareff explains that he plans on giving the sword to the police before anyone suspicious gets their hands on it. Iggy’s constant barking at the blade prompts Polnareff to leave for the police station to dispose of it and Joseph asks Jotaro to tag along so that they’re not vulnerable.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Barber

Polnareff stops at a barber shop first however and gets a clean shave. Polnareff complains that the razor is dull and Jotaro soon falls asleep while waiting for Polnareff’s session to finish. As the shaving is nearly done, Polnareff asks for a cut down near his chin but opens his eyes to see the shop owner wielding Anubis while he states that he, Anubis, has returned to face Polnareff again.

I actually expected this to end with a different cliffhanger. There’s a lot more to Anubis than this Part 1 showcases so I expect a hefty episode next week.

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