Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle- The End of Chaika

The journey comes to an end.

I was going to delay this a bit more compared to the other series because of the infamous BONES original ending thing going on and since the final episode’s air date was close to the release date of Volume 11, I wanted to wait out for spoilers before I tackled the anime series in general. Someone was kind enough to link me to a summary of events in Volume 11 so I think I’m ready to talk about Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle, as well as the series in general.

Massive spoilers ahead but you probably want to know what actually happens.

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Music of the Week #169

It’s Christmas in some parts of the world so Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from yours truly.

Christmas GA

Bahamut is already up and will get its series review next week. Twintails is up next while Chaika is an interesting case. For the uninformed, Chaika LN’s nears its conclusion and I wish to know more about how it actually ended before I tackle it. I will need a few more days to get it up anyway but I just want to know how closely it tried to be to its source. Other than that, bring on the Winter Season

And just in time, this week’s song is one of my absolute favorites from Earthbound, Fourside. Maybe it’s just that I haven’t played any good RPG’s in a while but I always loved the feeling of a big city that Fourside really gave off. It’s got malls, parks, museums, bakeries, cafes, and the government buildings all in one. Here’s to a New Year in a few days folks

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis Episode 10&11- All the happening

I want to talk about Chaika once I learn the ending in the light novels so I will getting to Bahamut and Twintails first.

Talk about big reveals and set up for the final episode next week. I honestly expected things to take a while more but the series did a pretty good job in pacing everything around. Now I’m just wondering how they’re going to wrap everything in one final episode. Unless of course, the production studio feels merciful and gives us a season 2 which they have enough money for in the first place.

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Music of the Week #168

On schedule


So Twintails got posted early because the new episode drops tomorrow and I don’t want to add more stuff to that jumbled mess. Bahamut is getting real interesting and will be done after Chaika gets its series review soon. Other than those 3, SAO and Yona are being held back a bit and I have no interest in what SAO is doing while Yona is apparently decent. I’ll see to it if I can get Yona in there but I’m not making any big promises.

Winter season looks pretty bland and the only thing going for it is Jojo and a lot of fanservice series from my memory. Either way, Jojo will once again carry through the season in the more entertaining 2nd half of Part 3.

One of my favorite parts of Earthbound was the section immediately after Threed and the bus ride where our trio get caught in an immense traffic jam en route to the city of Fourside. The crew abandon the bus and decide to travel through the dune on foot. While the location isn’t really that big, just the fact that a traffic jam impedes the adventure adds something really modern to the entire package that really made me feel like I was on a real adventure. Either way, here’s this week’s theme.

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu Episode 6 to 10- Sweet QUALITY Batman

This will be very short for a few reasons.

  1. Summarizing the “plot” of this is just tedious to say the least but also very awkward for me
  2. As if people actually read what I write for this series
  3. I’m already around a month behind.

Another thing that hinders me is something noticeable that any watcher of this series should have noticed. If the title didn’t give it away, the quality of animation has dipped considerably in these episodes so that alone makes discouraged me from updating as pictures (aka: the only thing going for this series) look awful sometimes.

So let’s just get into it and by that I mean time for me to post pictures that were saving for me.

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Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis Episode 8&9- Martinet is obviously the biggest bad here

I’m surprised at how everything is escalating in terms of grandeur. Both armies of Hell and Heaven are preparing themselves and Bahamut is apparently nearing its release.

I’m curious to know how this will end and if the intro is anything to go by, I know some “things” won’t happen. Either way, the end is nigh and now I just need to know what happens.

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Music of the Week #167

1 more day

Earthbound 2

I only have 1 exam left so I’ll be free to catch up on my relatively big load of stuff I need to give y’all provided that people actually read stuff that I write. Bahamut is all typed up and it just needs pictures but I doubt it will be off tomorrow since I’d rather be studying. Twintails will most likely get released during the weekend while Chaika will receive its series review shortly. Other than that, bring on the Winter season where Part 3 of Jojo will finally end and we can move on to bigger and better things if David gives me more reasons to live if they do announce Part 4.

The end is nearly here so I’ll be back to speed shortly, but until then, I leave you with more Earthbound.

This week’s theme is the Bus theme from Earthbound, one of the primary methods of traveling far distances in the game before you gain access to teleporting.