Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu Episode 6 to 10- Sweet QUALITY Batman

This will be very short for a few reasons.

  1. Summarizing the “plot” of this is just tedious to say the least but also very awkward for me
  2. As if people actually read what I write for this series
  3. I’m already around a month behind.

Another thing that hinders me is something noticeable that any watcher of this series should have noticed. If the title didn’t give it away, the quality of animation has dipped considerably in these episodes so that alone makes discouraged me from updating as pictures (aka: the only thing going for this series) look awful sometimes.

So let’s just get into it and by that I mean time for me to post pictures that were saving for me.

Episodes 6- cover Erina’s arc where she becomes the hero she always wanted to be but is unable to properly utilize her powers. It is then revealed that she’s an absolute masochist and her humiliation empowers her. This is revealed through the course of the small arc that also reveals her family relationship that she’s not all too proud about. The biggest problem being that she doesn’t really like twintails at all since it symbolizes childlike behavior to her. We’re also introduced to someone named Dark Grasper who turns out to be another human working with the guildy’s with her personal attribute being glasses. Dark Grasper apparently is a stalker for Twirl and the the mini-arc here has her being tricked into thinking Tail Red is Twirl and she stirs some trouble in her allied ranks.

Dark Grasper in her time not being with some aliens happens to be a famous idol. Either way, Dark Grasper or just Isuna Anko fight against the Twintail team and gets beat. A prolific guildy returns from his soulsearching journey and requests that challenge the Twintails team and he is given the opportunity to fight them. The most important part of this being that Tail Red is unable to revert back to male Souji.

So hilariously enough, I got back into the series as the production quality started to dip and Episode 9 is just chock full of low value moments. It’s quite a sad sight since the first 5 episodes were picture goldmines. As ever, the plot is laughably insane while the villains once again are pretty much the best part of the series now that the girls look pretty mediocre.

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