Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis Episode 8&9- Martinet is obviously the biggest bad here

I’m surprised at how everything is escalating in terms of grandeur. Both armies of Hell and Heaven are preparing themselves and Bahamut is apparently nearing its release.

I’m curious to know how this will end and if the intro is anything to go by, I know some “things” won’t happen. Either way, the end is nigh and now I just need to know what happens.

After the fight with Azazel, Amira stumbles upon the statue of Bahamut and light begins emanating from her. Favaro and Kaisar hear a scream and hurry towards her. Up in the heavens, the angels are surprised to see the humans beat back the tide of demons and seem to have more faith in their agents of justice. Elsewhere, Jeanne is commended for her actions against the demons and the King wishes to reward her by giving her some territory. Jeanne however refuses and in its stead she wishes for one thing. Back with the regular crew, Amira wakes up with the other three beside her and Amira describes a dream she had. Apparently, Amira was inside a “cocoon” for a long time until she was recently awakened by someone who looks exactly like the demon Martinet who we saw last episode. Anyway, Martinet was the one who promised her that she would find her mother if she stole the God Key. So it is again restated that the necklaces holds something of Amira’s mother and Helheim is still the destination she needs to go to.

Shingeki no Bahamut- Jeanne's Sword

The crew is called down by one of the king’s knights and are brought before him along with the rest of the knights squad. Amira spots Lavalley in the crowd and exclaims that he is her father to which Favaro and Rita find strange because that would mean one of the best knights in the squad is not human. Jeanne’s request turned out to be promoting Favaro and Kaisar to the rank of knights and of course, Kaisar fully accepts while Favaro is just forced to go through with it. Michael descends to congratulate the humans for their deeds and also gift them a Holy sword. The King reaches out his hands but the sword goes to Jeanne instead.

Elsewhere, Azazel is confronted by one of the other high ranking demons, Beelzebub. Azazel is seemingly killed off by Beelzebub for his failures. We switch scenes again where shady figure puts something into a cup and the King walks in to fill the said cup with some drink. The King is depressed at how Jeanne is upstaging him in the entire ordeal and then he begins to have a monologue with the painting of his mother. After drinking the spiked cup, The King begins to have visions of his deceased mother tell him that Jeanne will usurp him as the ruler of the land.

Shingeki no Bahamut- Beelzebub

We join Favaro running into Amira in the dead of night and she wishes to go find her father. Favaro somehow knows his way around the castle and leads Amira to Lavalley’s office. Two surprises are heard here. First off, Lavalley does turn out to be Amira’s dad. Secondly, he actually isn’t but he treats her as one because he knew parents and he was devoted in guarding her angel mother and the infant Amira when he was younger. Amira’s parents were separated and her mother went to Helheim to find him. Lavalley unites his half of the amulet with Amira’s and it turns into a holographic map and Lavalley tells Amira that she will be able to find her mother in, Nicole in Prudisia, the valley of demons. Lavalley advises her to go, as Nicole is the most likely person who knows how to separate the God Key from Amira. Favaro seeing his chance to finally rid his accursed tail decides to go with while Rita finds nothing better to do. Back in what is presumably Hell, Beelzebub converses with Lucifer that Azazel has been disposed of for his failures and that Beelzebub himself will be acting to retrieve the God Key.

Shingeki no Bahamut- Rita

Amira and Favaro board a small boat through the castle’s waterways while Rita provides them a distraction to get away from the knights. Rita asks if Favaro is okay with leaving Kaisar here and Favaro is certain that Kaisar is happy enough regaining his knight’s pride. The King hears a knock on his door and finds one of his more trusted knights in the other end, but when the knight’s head falls to the floor, something big is coming back to the castle. In heaven the Angels hear news that someone else has destroyed another circle of gods.

The knights are scrambled into action and Lavalley gives Kaisar his half of Nicole’s amulet and entrusts him that he catch up with Amira’s party and keep the other knights away from her as he knows that they are not the ones behind this. Favaro and Amira reach the end of the water tunnel only to find a drop waiting for them. Back in the king’s castle, the King finds traces of hair in the dead knight’s corpse and blames the deed on Jeanne who is branded a witch. Favaro and Amira find themselves in a strange forest but are assailed by knights. The squad leader turns out to be Kaisar and he begins to fight Favaro while whispering to play along. The trio are then enveloped in a ball of light and we switch scenes to where the other archangels begin to assist in keeping Bahamut in its seal.

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In the castle dungeon, Martinet begins to goad Jeanne into convincing her out of the path of righteousness. He tempts her with a bottle of suspicious liquid that he states will tell her the truth what the gods have planned and Jeanne yells that she will not listen to a demon. Back to the regular crew, who are freed from the rogue knight pursuit but also a black shard of something stuck on the ground Kaisar and Amira are unable to pick it up but Favaro is surprisingly able to. A dragon emerges from behind them and thanks them for pulling out the barb that has been annoying him for the past 2000 years. The dragon explains that the barb happens to be one of Bahamut’s nails and the dragon speaks that he knows of Amira and her play in the entire picture as she is the reason Bahamut’s seal is being undone and the gods and demons are preparing their armies. The dragon states if they wish to survive, they would have to stay in this domain of his outside of time and space of the regular world. Favaro is surprisingly the one to give the “change destiny” speech to the dragon and when he strikes the ground with Bahamut’s nail, a portal is torn open. The dragon is amused and says that he is simply the watcher and will not stop them. Amira and Kaisar enter the portal back to the regular world while Favaro is told to stay for just a bit to listen to the dragon’s words.

Shingeki no Bahamut- Wonderland

Jeanne is planned to be burned at the stake (there is no good ending for her is there?) and Lavalley’s plea is shot down by the mad king. Rita breaks into the cell to save Jeanne but find Martinent instead. Our trio finally reach Prudisia and Favaro ponders the words of the dragon. Zeus and Satan exist in the form of the keys but they can be manifested to seal Bahamut again by the blood of a human. Amira is ineligible for this as she has the blood of a demon and angel. If the keys are united with Bahamut, it will absorb them and be inseparable. Therefore, the dragon states that if Bahamut is to be sealed again, Amira must die.

Jeanne please don’t do it.

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