Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle Episode 8- Three’s Company

Things begin to enter its final stages and Hartgen’s plans are revealed.

The moment I’ve been waiting for is, in my hopes, set up at the end of this episode so I just can’t wait to see it. Speaking of that, the series has 2 episodes to close it off and since Hartgen’s plans do coincide with Gaz’s “Resurrection” one way or another, I can see them pull something with that. Either way, they’d have to mess up pretty hard to make me not like the series.

The tournament rages on in the inner walls of Hartgen’s castle and we see our two teams of Chaika-Toru and Vivi-Nikolai fight their way the other combatants. Both teams make it inside the castle but are both put into the dungeon in different times for “breaking” the rules. It seems that all the three Chaika’s that entered the tournament have now been caught and have been brought into the castle. The guards tell each one in their cells to advance forward as their own “Battle” will start.

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We join the other half of the Gilette Crew where Mattias and Zita are freed from their cells by Leo and they attempt to break out. They are however beckoned by a hooded man in a cell who reveals himself to be Hartgen’s former adviser and shares the story of Hartgen’s descent in madness. Ever since he came back from the war, Hartgen was not able to feel any sort of joy or purpose in the victory fanfare that his people celebrated in. However, all that changed when a Chaika arrived into his domain and promised that by gathering the pieces, his life will be given purpose again. Thus the idea to collect the remains while raising an army boiled down to his plan of becoming the next Emperor Gaz. The adviser then finally leaves the castle while the crew leave as well to meet their squad at the rendezvous point.

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Akari and Frederika are inside the deeper parts of the castle and happen upon a room of coffins and lo and behold, multiple amounts of Chaika’s that engage them in combat. The two fend them off but are confronted by anti-magic troops that seal off Frederika’s healing and also Shin who dispatches Akari.

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Toru and Chaika find themselves in an arena where they find the Three Black Chaika’s awaiting them. Elsewhere, Vivi and Nikolai continue to sit in their cell. They see a familiar blonde knight sit in front of their cell and they are shocked to see Gilette alive. They are horrified to find out that they are pitted against Gilette in the arena a few moments later. Nikolai blocks the blows but is incapacitated as Vivi is unable to muster any force to fight against the brainwashed Gilette. Vivi finally steels herself and two-hands Nikolai’s sword to chop off Gilette’s hand, winning them the match and apparently their freedom to leave.

Hitsugi no Chaika AB- Tears

Toru and Chaika are signaled and are confronted by David and Red Chaika and the two immediately begin to fight. Toru is able to keep David busy while White Chaika is able to keep her distance away from Red Chaika. Toru’s Iron Blood ability allows him to keep himself up agains the two combatants while White Chaika is able to cast her spells safely away. Toru’s hit on David pretty much reopens some wounds and Red Chaika finds herself at a defeated state as Toru is still fit to fight with White Chaika covering him. She decides to forfeit the match which only causes more trouble as Shin shows up to subdue White Chaika while Toru is unable to beat him.

Toru lying there helplessly really makes me believe that the event I wish to see will happen. Shin needs to be killed in order to make Toru be acknowledged so I except a teacher student thing to happen next episode.

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