Music of the Week #165

Midway through break


Bahamut is up, Chaika is coming, and Twintails is surprisingly working in my favor as it actually has some plot/development with one of its main heroines. Surprising but since the series has exceeded my expectations, I’m actually pleased. While that doesn’t explain why I’m delayed on talking about it, expect the “Recap” of the arc after Chaika. I still need to catch up on Yona while I’m impartial to SAO.

More stuff to come but instead of reading this, go spend time with your family.

This week’s theme is You’ve Come Far Ness. A memorable theme that plays during our crew’s stay at the home of the Mr. Saturn where they are offered “coffee”. If the crew takes up the Mr. Saturn who brewed it, they go into a psychedelic reminiscing period where they recap their adventure thus far. This also happens again later in the game where there is more to recap

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