Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis Episode 7- Past Demons

Our crew begins to get closer with all the chaos going on. If anything, the music post will come in a bit

I didn’t realize how much I missed the series after seeing it again after the week’s rest. This also brings in the question of how they’re going to wrap this up seeing as how they’ve got less than half of the episode rule left to tie up any knots. They spent their time introducing everyone and setting up everything, now they just need to execute the main conflict.

If anything, this episode will set in motion some bigger and better things I hope.

A large contingent of demons assail the capital castle and the human forces mobilize in the dead of night to stop Azazel and Pazuzu’s forces. Jeanne and her retinue are assigned to guard the section of the walls and move into position. On the other side of our main crew, Favaro encounters Amira jumping off from a window and telling him he just met her dad. Since she missed out on the banquet she leaves to find food and the rest try to find her.

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Jeanne engages on the demons and Pazuzu decides to deal with her personally. Favaro and Kaisar track down Amira chowing down and try to get her away from the table before they run into trouble. Trouble, however, finds them as Azazel enters the room and confronts the duo. Azazel remembers their faces and angers Kaisar at laughing of his father’s fate. Favaro tells Kaisar and Rita to take Amira and escape while he takes on Azazel. Outside, Pazuzu stands over Jeanne but she is able to nail him with a solid stab through the chest. Pazuzu however retreats and senses that Azazel will be able to retrieve the key.

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Back inside, Favaro is able to survive Azazel’s attacks but realizes some of his equipment is missing. Kaisar dashes in to join the fight against Azazel. While the two land a clean hit, it would be an obvious fact that a high ranking demon could not be killed by conventional means. The two are blasted outside and they continue their struggle. Kaisar decides to step up the game and upon seeing a reflection of Jeanne’s attack from his sword, Kaisar charges and attempts to buy some time. Kaisar is knocked away but is successful in helping Jeanne land a shot at Azazel who is forced to retreat yet again. While it seems Kaisar might fall to his death, Favaro is able to save him. Inside, Rita is able to dispose her demon pursuers while Amira finds the knight Lavalley near her as she regains consciousness.

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A rather straight forward action episode with the issue between Favaro and Kaisar getting addressed. The two thankfully save each other skins so while the comedic chase to kill each other might be over, they finally settled their score peacefully and redirected their anger to another target.

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