Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle Episode 7- Not two but three

More setting up and the end is in sight, I guess.

The Light novels apparently bring more Chaika’s into the mix and I hear some more fun things with Gaz being a pretty cool guy too. Anyways, I doubt the anime can cover any of those with the 3 episodes left. Still, even if the first season cut a lot of things out, the show’s premise can move around things nice enough to make it still feel a bit coherent.

Anyways, somewhat uneventful and the scene I wanted still hasn’t come yet.

Toru and Akari infiltrate the castle through the moat’s drains and are surprised to find swinging aces akin to a torture room in a large hall from which they entered. They are confronted by Shin Acura, their former teacher. Akari is quickly taken out the fight with a kick to the face and the duo realize that they’re ill equipped for this fight and retreat. They return to Chaika who explains that Niva voluntarily went off with Guy. Toru decides to stick with the other plan of them actually participating in the tournament. While Toru and Chaika fight through the rounds, he puts Akari and Frederika in the competition as well and have them infiltrate the castle to perform some recon until then. Toru surmises that Hartgen giving out the remains to the winner is too good to be true anyway.

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In Hartgen’s throne room, Guy presents Niva to him and the baddie group revel in their plans that are coming to fruition. Hartgen addresses the warriors in his castle walls to begin the tournament. While this is happening, the twin black Chaika’s consult ANOTHER Black Chaika that identifies three and a half Chaika’s entering the tournament. The blood sport officially begins and all four of our separated crews begin making their rounds in getting 3 other armbands to enter the inner sanctum.

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The Red Chaika team are imprisoned as Selma apparently got caught using magic to locate a piece, which mysteriously our team didn’t get arrested for. Toru and Chaika encounter Nikolai and Vivi and instead of fighting, share some information. Vivi questions about Gaz’s fortune and Chaika explains that Niva was taken away. The two set aside their differences for now and promise to settle their score later on. Akari and the Frederika-Dominica infiltrate the castle grounds where even more ruffians are found between them.

Short review for a rather uneventful episode. I’m busy at the moment to but I will get back on my feet during my week vacation.

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