Music of the Week #164

Late again

Earthbound 4

People love assigning loads of work before break but Thanksgiving Break is very close to Winter Break in general now so I’m a bit loaded with work until tomorrow where it’s essentially over. I got me an exam on Monday and then it’s a week off for me. For this week, Bahamut got itself a 6.5 episode that recapped what’s happened so I don’t need to address that. Chaika needs to be done and 2 Twintails episodes are up in line. You might have already noticed that I’ve stopped watching SAO all together so take that for what it’s worth.

Anyways, I’ll see what I can churn out during the break other than my weekly stuff but I’ve got work to finish.

This week’s song is Hi Hi Hi, the theme that plays in the valley of the iconic Mr. Saturn’s. I still don’t know what’s up with them.

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