Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle Episode 6- Converging Fates

The blood sport begins.

The three teams finally converge where the last few remaining pieces of Emperor Gaz all lead to the Principality of Hartgen and its bloody tournament. I’m still looking forward to one particular scene but I still have my doubts on how they’re going to end this.

Oh well, we’ll find it out how it goes when it happens. I hope for the best.

Our crew plan out their next move while cooking and hunting for some fish by the sea shore. Guy shows up to inform the crew of the remaining pieces of Gaz and reveals Stephen Hartgen’s location. The crew tell him that they already know of him but they’re also informed that it cannot simply be stolen this time.

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Back on the magic lab island, the Gilette Squad arrive to see the ruins of the regular crew’s exploits from a few weeks back and they investigate the wreckage. The sense a presence and it turns out to be the remaining demi-humans on the island. The two sides decide not to fight and the demi-humans reveal what transpired on the island to the Gilette Team. Switching sides even more, Red Chaika’s crew arrive inside the sanctum of Hartgen and are immediately assailed. They beat back the competition but are told by the guards that they just finished their qualifiers that are held in the outer walls. Red Chaika’s team are entered into the competition and are told to rest in the barracks until the time comes.

The crew hide their vehicle and reorganize their info from what they learned from a local. Gilette also makes an appearance after cutting down two would-be contestants after they start a fight outside the castle grounds. White Chaika and crew blow past the competition in the qualifiers and are given official entry. Gilette’s Crew also arrive in the scene and are forced to enter the competition after their attempts at convincing Hartgen prove futile.

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We see that Guy saved Gilette for some reason involving “rage”. I personally don’t exactly see what motivated Gilette but apparently Guy found it significant enough to not go to waste. Anyways, Gilette’s team find themselves in a pickle as their vehicle is surrounded by Hartgen’s men who clearly aren’t here to converse peacefully. Elsewhere, White Chaika locates the piece they need but she is to return to the vehicle while Toru and Akari infiltrate the castle and retrieve it. On the walk back, Chaika finds Niva Lada being taken away by Guy and is saddened to hear Niva Lada leaving voluntarily.

Yeah something tells me the infiltration attempt isn’t going to fare so well.

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