Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis Episode 5- Into the Sunset on a Zombie Dragon

Let’s get myself on schedule.

Week 5 seemed to be an action packed episode for the two action series I’ve been following and I was quite glad to see them be pulled off in such a manner. It’s the classic rescue episode but with some amazing sequences near the end where, for once, a large army actually pulls something off. Thank you “not a highschool” setting.

Let’s rock

Somewhere far away, the angels form a barrier in containing Bahamut. Even thought it is not even freed from its bindings, just the process of it breaking free are causing the angels a large amount of duress

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Favaro and Rita are the only survivors onboard and while Favaro wishes to make off with the loot Amon left behind, Rita wishes to save the others. Favaro is confused on why she would be so loyal but seeing as how he’s a part of this, he decides to agree with Rita. On top of the floating demon castle, Amira is interrogated in an old fashion torture style involving a spinning wheel and some lashes. Kaisar is put in a birdcage overlooking the torture grounds and his cries echo through the chamber. Kaiser’s insistence that Favaro was behind everything entertain the demons to no end as Kaisar is clearly not very informed.

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Down on the ground, Rita and Favaro invaded Bacchus’s carriage and Favaro demands that they use the carriage and its beast of burden to reach the floating castle. Bacchus is skeptical and why Favaro would do such a thing and demands a proof of Favaro’s conviction to take this task. Favaro then slices his bounty hunter’s wristband which takes Bacchus by surprise as apparently breaking the gem inside was “dangerous”. Bacchus agrees to take the duo to where the floating castle is headed.

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The destination of the castle is Sword Valley, where it will open a portal and enter the demon realm of Cocytus. Inside, Kaisar shares his story of what Favaro had done to his family name and when he mentions his surname of Lidfard, Azazel recognizes the name. Favaro and Rita grapple onto the floating castle’s exterior and are able to get inside. While they fight their way through, they’re transported into the familiar looking torture chamber and Kaisar is unleashed upon them to settle his score. Favaro and Kaisar have a brief fight but Rita buts in and tells them to stop so they can focus on their priorities. However, the demon castle prepares opens a portal to transfer into the demon realm but is abruptly stopped and the beast that carried the castle is beheaded as the portal is closed. The Orlean Knights in all their glory had set up an ambush waiting for Azazel to arrive and had prepared an enormous amount of catapults and archers waiting. To make it even better, sorcerers were brought to enhance all projectiles thrown at the enemy.

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Azazel orders his subordinate Pazuzu to retrieve Amira in the torture chamber and Pazuzu confronts our 4 hero’s. Favaro promises Kaisar that they will finally settle their score after they escape and Kaisar agrees to Favaro’s words and the two are able to use some heavy objects above Pazuzu to incapacitate him. As they make it ouside, Azazel confronts them and Favaro realizes that he is the demon that was unleashed in the fateful incident. Azazel’s attempt to kidnap Amira again is foiled when an entity emanating from Amira stops him and he personally retreats. The crew find themselves with no way to escape until a dragon corpse falls near them and Rita is able to reanimate it. As they leave, Jeanne delivers the finishing blow to the beast.

Our 4 crew members are finally united in an entertaining “Break-in Break-out” style and for once, the human army are not portrayed as total jobbers. It was a refreshing and an exhilarating scene when the human army decapitates the floating beast and brings out catapults with freaking magic buff gates to set everything on fire. Amazing episode and I wonder how it will go for Favaro and Kaisar.

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